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This article is about the modifiable MP 40 which appears in Wolfenstein. For the weapon's previous incarnation, see MP40 (RtCW). The MP40 (Maschinenpistole 1940(lit:Submachine Gun 1940)) is the first weapon the player acquires in Wolfenstein.


The MP 40 was the standard-issue submachine gun of the Wehrmacht throughout World War II, until it was gradually phased out by the MP 43/StG 44.


The weapon is given to the player shortly after the start of the mission Train Station; it is located on a table after the sewers, along with some grenades and dynamite. The player is not allowed to proceed without picking it up.

MP 40 Ammo can be picked up from dropped weapons, found in large dark grey boxes, or magazine pouches. These can be found in virtually every mission, as well as the main hub.

It is by far the most common weapon in the game, carried by well over half of all enemy soldiers encountered, as well as most friendlies. This lasts until late in the game when SS Soldiers become common and the MP 40 is sometimes less readily available than the MP 43.


The MP 40 is a balanced, all-purpose weapon. It has low recoil and intermediate accuracy, making it the perfect choice for most combat scenarios, and with upgrades it can be effective at long range. An unmodified MP 40 deals 5 points of damage per shot, with the Big Bore upgrade increasing it to 10 points. Because you will use MP40 very often, it's recommended to purchase upgrades for this weapon as soon as they become available.


There are a total of 5 upgrades for the MP40, with a total cost of $5,000. They are as follows:

  • Recoil Compensator. Unlock: complete Train Station. Cost: $1,000. Reduces recoil, improving accuracy during sustained firing.
  • Silencer. Unlock: complete Train Station. Cost: $500. Reduces the amount of noise generated by firing the weapon, reducing the chance of alerting enemies.
  • Drum Magazine. Unlock: complete Church. Cost: $500. Increases the magazine size from 32 to 64 and increases maximum ammo to 264.
  • Big Bore. Unlock: complete Dig Site. Cost: $2,000. Doubles the MP40's damage.
  • Improved Rifling. Unlock: complete Farm. Cost: $1,000. Increases the accuracy of the MP40 and alters the iron sight.


  • The Recoil Compensator replaces the entire barrel with two flash hiders.
  • As with other silencers, the model used is a Gewehrgranatengerät rifle grenade launching cup, not a silencer.
  • The drum magazine is a Trommel-Magazin 08, in reality a 32-round magazine issued with the "artillery" version of the Luger pistol.
  • It is possible to silence the MP40 in real life, but 9mm subsonic ammunition is needed to reach the maximum effect.
  • The MP40 is the weapon that B.J. Blazkowicz holds during all cut-scenes that play after the Train Station.