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this page is about the weapon from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. for the version found in Wolfenstein (2009), check page MP40 (2009).

The MP40 was the standard submachine gun of the Wehrmacht throughout World War II.

Single Player[]

In Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer, the MP 40 is picked up near the start of the first level. It deals a good amount of damage to regular Nazi soldiers (6 hit points per shot), but has poor accuracy if fired on full-auto, despite its rate of fire being controllable by normal soldiers. Firing in bursts or crouching can compensate for this. The MP 40 performs poorly long-range and is less efficient against the undead and Black Guard soldiers. The MP 40 can be commonly found throughout the game, although it is not advised to use it on boss enemies in later stage of the game, it's a good weapon of choice for most situations due to the abundant supply of its ammunition.

It shares the 9mm ammunition used by Luger and Sten. The MP 40 will be the primary weapon for those cannot handle the overheating problem of Sten, and the Thompson runs out of ammo too quickly, this is gun in RtCW you can spray and pray at most of time, especially if you encounter a large number of enemy soldiers at close to mid-range, since the ammunition is usually not a problem, you can use this like a light machine gun.


In multiplayer, the MP40 is the Axis' standard SMG. Unlike the single-player MP40, it has good accuracy when fired in full-auto. It has lower damage while compared to Thompson but it has higher rate of fire.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory[]

In Enemy Territory, the MP40 is identical to the Thompson. It deals 18 damage in a body shot, 40 with a headshot if the enemy has a helmet and 50 if he does not.


  • The MP40's rate of fire in RTCW is 600 rounds per minute, while for the real life gun it was 500-550.