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This article covers the current expanding timeline of Wolfenstein Games from MachineGames' dark alternate future reboot and includes Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Youngblood. Some details are expanded upon in Quake Champions.

Although the games reference various events from Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein, typically in internal monologues from William, where he reminisces, eg. on swimming through the cesspools beneath Deathshead's X-Labs.

For timelines specific to Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Wolfenstein see the RTCW timeline and FRBS timeline.


946 to 955[]

  • Castle Wolfenstein is built by Otto I, eldest son of Heinrich I, the Holy Roman Emperor. Otto I's wife, Eadgyth, dies. Otto I travels to Istanbul, where he finds ancient parchments that are assumed to be from Da'at Yichud and begins research on them. His scholars create war machines, creatures, and alchemical substances.


  • King's Otto army defeats Magyards in the battle of Lechfeld.
  • Siegbald Berger creates an alchemical substance that brings dead back to live creating a shambler.


  • Da'at Yichud build a secret base under what would be Future Roswell.


  • Radiation incendiary device (ancient laser) is created by Otto's scholar.


  • March 3 - Wulfburg is razed to the ground by King Otto order.


  • Wulfburg is finally rebuilt after having been burned down half a century before.




  • July 4: Thirteen colonies of the British Empire declare independence, founding what would be known today as the United States of America.


  • Wulfburg Pumphouse is built.





  • Wulfburg Pump House is burned down during an unfortunate smelting accident.


  • Wulfburg Pump House is rebuilt again.


  • Wilhelm Strasse is born.[1]


  • Wulfburg Pump House burns down again, when a worker drops a lantern. It is rebuilt soon after.


  • 20 April: Adolf Hitler is born.
  • Rip Blazkowicz's father migrates from Poland to the United States of America.


  • New Orleans tram service begins.



  • Fergus Reid is born.
  • August 1 - Zofia meets Rip Blazkowicz at the American Polish Society in Dallas.
  • August 2' - Zofia meets Rip again at Uncle Anatols.




  • The Wulfburg Pumphouse burns down again due to a lightning strike. Locals begin to call it the cursed pumphouse since it seems to burn down every 31 years.


  • A young B.J. is being taken care of by his mother after he was abused by his father.[2]
  • The German Workers’ Party (DAP), a far-right , nationalist, anti-Marxist party is founded and attracts Adolf Hitler.


  • The DAP is reformed into the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, inheriting its far right, ultranationalist, and anti-Marxist stances, combining them with virulent racism and pseudoscientific ideas about white supremacy.
  • Caroline Becker is born in Isenstadt.
  • c. August - B.J. meets Billie, almost kills a rat but saves it in time. He was 9 or 10 at the time (so just before or after his birthday).


  • The State Institute of Racial Biologyy is founded in Sweden.



  • The Old silver bars are minted and stockpiled inside of Castle Wolfenstein (to be put under the guard of Hans Grösse).[3]
  • The 1928 Bordeaux harvest turns out to be a particularly good year for wines.


  • Probst Wyatt III is born.
  • August: William Blazkowicz turns 18. He joins the military just as soon as he comes of age.


  • November 5: Fischer's birth


  • Irene Engel joins the Nazi party.


  • March 23: Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany thanks to backroom deals between Franz von Papen and Paul von Hindenburg.
  • December 6: Hans Winkle is born.


  • March 11: Father Gregory discovers an ancient network of tunnels underneath Wulfburg and believes there is hidden treasure buried by King Otto I.[4]
  • June 30 : Kurt von Schleicher is murdered by the SS in Babelsberg.
  • August 2: Paul von Hindenburg dies.


  • April 7: Father Gregory discovers an old map of King Otto's.
  • May: Pvt. B.J. fights four other soldiers at Camp Bullis, San Antonio. An incident report is written up by S. SGT. Pickens. B.J. is recommended for special services.[5]
  • August 19: Father Gregory becomes worried about his research and tries to destroy map and letter, but finds he cannot, and tries to hide them instead.


  • Unknown : Iren Engel becomes leader of the Berlin squad of the League of German Girls.
  • July 17 : As fascists under Franco try to topple the left-leaning Spanish government, the Spanish Civil War breaks out.


  • April 1 : The Spanish Civil War ends in a fascist victory. Nationalists under Francisco Franco win.
  • August 23: The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is signed by Germany and the Soviet Union.
  • September 1 : Poland is invaded by the Nazis. World War II begins in Europe.
  • September 3 : The United Kingdom and France declare war on Germany.
  • September 17 : The Soviet Union joins Nazi Germany in its attack of Poland.


  • May 10: Germany invades France and the Low Countries (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands). Allied forces are quickly outmaneuvered and cornered, then annihilated, paving the way for invasion of France.
  • June 22: France surrenders to Germany.
  • November 29: German military leaders begin preparations for the invasion of the Soviet Union.


  • Set Roth is captured and sent to Belica, Croatia.
  • May 2: The pro-Axis government of Iraq calls for German assistance as Britain occupies Basra and its surrounding oil fields.
  • June 22: Germany, supported by Hungary, Romania, and other Axis allies, invades the Soviet Union, betraying its former non-aggresive partner. The Eastern Front opens.
  • December 7: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. US Navy losses three battleships: USS Arizona, USS Utah, and USS Oklahoma.
  • December 8: The United States, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica join World War II.



  • B.J. is assigned to the North Africa Campaign to liberate North Africa.[6]
  • Emilie Wagner, a young Da'at Yichud scientist goes undercover into the Paranormal Division. She works in Deathshead's labs and saw horrors beyond imagining.
  • March : Marianna Blavatsky dies.
  • March 16: Bombing raid on London.
  • March 17: Berlin is heavily bombed by the British Royal Air Force, with some areas resembling a "sea of flames".[7]


  • Unknown (between August 1943 and August, 1944) Blazkowicz infiltrates Deathshead's X-Labs and sewers.
  • October
    • B.J. is sent on a mission by the Inspector (likely Gordon) to find out "extradimensional space" that the germans are working on, to create a bomb VTOL[8][9]
    • November: B.J. Blazkowicz travels to Isenstadt during his mission to recover the VTOL plans. While there, he encounters Deathshead. He uncovers a more dire goal Deathshead was constructing a device to open a portal to the "Black Sun Dimension" (a power source with more destructive power than the atomic bomb).[10] During the fight, Caroline Becker is shot in the spine, then thrown off the castle. Blazkowicz gives her up for dead.[11] B.J. pursues Deathshead into a portal. A short time later something destroyed the Zeppelin from within, and it crashed landed into Isenstadt Castle.[12] Deathshead almost perished in the zeppelin crash.[13] Note: This may have been merged with and coincided with the X-Labs events.[14] B.J. escaped and returned to OSA HQ. OSA begins research on "Black Sun" phenomena.[15]
  • June 6: D-Day landings fail leading to the annihilation of the Allied forces. 156,000 Allied troops die for the loss of only 89 German troops. This begins an erosion of trust between the US and UK governments. Captured Allied servicemen are later ordered to build the Normandy Defense Museum. Deathshead's meteoric rise to prominence begins.[16]
  • July 22: A failed attempt on Hitler's life takes place. The SS cracks down on Wehrmacht independence.[17]


  • Da'at Yichud Jewish members in Poland.
  • Helga von Schabbs sends an expedition to Wulfburg.
  • February 27: Annette Krause and her father are taken away to a concentration camp in Bolzano.
  • March 9: After a German victory at Stalingrad, the Nazis counterattack and lay siege to Moscow, beginning a week-long bombardment that obliterates the city.[18]
  • March 16: The Red Army abandones the burning ruins of Moscow. Joseph Stalin disappears as the Soviet Union disintegrates.[19]
  • June 24: The British Royal Air Force is crippled in the Battle of Liverpool, losing two-thirds of its fighters. Nazi Fallschirmjäger begin airborne operations on British soil.[20]
  • October: Pippa Shepherd transfers to Wulfburg on deep undercover mission for the OSA.
  • November 3: Medieval sword unearthed by scientists beneath Wulfburg.
  • December 30: Another attempt on Hitler is made, this time at Castle Wolfenstein. The attempt fails, the assailant is captured and hanged by the Nazis.[21][22][23]


  • Probst Wyatt III joins the US Army.
  • The Nazis plan an invasion of the British Isles via. Scotland, codenamed Operation Algenblute.
  • January 6: The Nazis stumble upon a Da'at Yichud knowledge repository, where they steal and reverse-engineer the advanced knowledge to produce advanced robots and weapons for the German Armed Forces. The war begins to turn in their favor. The Allies are rapidly outclassed and outgunned in their equipment and technology.
  • January 7: Annette Krause starts spying for Ludwig Kessler and starts writing her journal.
  • January 12 : Adolf Hitler visits Castle Wolfenstein and Paderborn.
  • February 2: Helga von Schabbs writes letter to Reinhold.[24]
  • February 14: Helga von Schabbs archeologists investigate the defiled church.
  • February 17: Randolph finds antechamber to the inner vault.
  • March 10: People of Wulfburg are ordered to evacuate the town. They are relocated to Frankfurt.
  • March 11: Sweden surrenders to Nazi Germany after a month-long battle. King Gustav V of Sweden a signs peace treaty with Adolf Hitler. Finland is not annexed violently, as it already cooperates closely with the Nazis, allowing the Gestapo to abduct dissidents and integrating Nazis pseudoscientific racism in its research ventures, eg. at the University of Uppsala.[25]
  • March 13: Annette goes through the underground lake and woods, puts the box with clothes in OSA car and updates her journal.
  • March 15: The Nazis open the Normandy Defense Museum in France.
  • March 16: B.J. Blazkowicz and Richard Wesley infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and are caught by Rudi Jäger. Wesley is killed. Blazkowicz escapes to Paderborn Village and has a final showdown with Jäger resulting in the latter's death. Blazkowicz meets up with Kessler and Annette, and they travel to Wulfburg by boat.
  • March 17: Blazkowicz, Kessler and Annette arrive in Wulfburg. Blazkowicz meets up with Pippa. The SS Paranormal Division excavates Otto I's crypt, unleashing a mysterious gas that zombifies the population of Wulfburg. Kessler or Annette and Pippa are zombified and killed by Blazkowicz. BJ helps the survivor Kessler, or Annette escape. Blazkowicz pursues Helga von Schabbs to the dig site, where she unleashes King Otto's Monster. Blazkowicz kills the monster and von Schabbs, and obtains the coordinates of Deathshead's Compound.
  • March 18: Blazkowicz and Annette are rescued by Fergus Reid and Allied troops. The preparations for an assault on Deathshead's castle begin.
  • July 5: Media report on the intensifying production of superweapons (Wunderwaffen) by the Reich. Allied commanders remain confident of winning the war, despite strategic setbacks and proven efficiency of weapons thus far.[26]
  • July 10: Adolf Hitler declares a desire for peace in a rare interview, while simultaneously announcing that he and his empire will subjugate the English, Russians, Americans and other "parasites".[27]
  • Deathshead begins recruitment for future moon landing missions.[28]
  • July 16: Blazkowicz and Reid travel to RAF Kinloss. From there, the combined RAF and USAAF forces launch an attack on Deathshead's Compound in the Baltic Sea, taking heavy casualties. Blazkowicz destroys the Baltisches Auge but fails to assassinate Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. He is forced to choose between saving Probst Wyatt III or Fergus Reid, and letting the other become Strasse's guinea pig. At this point the timeline splits into two alternate timelines (depending on Blazkowicz's choice)--- the Wyatt Timeline and the Fergus Timeline). Following his choice, Blazkowicz is left for dead by Strasse. Although he escapes the facility with the survivor, he suffers severe brain damage and is left adrift in the sea, before being picked up by Polish fishermen. With his loss, the Allied attack on Deathshead's Compound ends in failure and the last chance to end the war fizzles. Nothing is left to stop Nazi Germany from achieving global hegemony.[29]
  • August 20: German-Japanese forces under Feldmarshall Franz-Gustav Beyers win the Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Pacific, with more than half the American naval fleet wiped out. The US loses naval supremacy.[30]
  • August 27: B.J. Blazkowicz is recovered by fishermen and taken to Zakład Psychiatryczny Maławieś for psychiatric treatment.[31]
  • December 12: The Soviet Union surrenders to Germany, following the Battle of Izhevsk, the fall of Moscow, and brutal bombing campaigns across the Ural Mountains. Joseph Stalin is missing and is rumored to have been assassinated by his own men.[32] The occupied territories become proving grounds and colonies, with Siberia used extensively for training Nazi soldiers for Deathshead's units.[33]


  • January 3: Germany launches an amphibious invasion of Canada.[34]
  • January 22: Grace Walker is acquitted for murder of Jennifer Brown.
  • April 4: The last remnants of the Soviet Red Army are wiped out near the Volga River, in the Panzerhund's first operational deployment.[35]
  • June 14 - Roswell New Mexico Crash[36]
  • Operation Früjahrsputz


  • Irene Engel is promoted from Reichsleader of League of Berlin Girls to the Camp Director of Belika Labor Camp.
  • March 7: The Republic of China and the People's Liberation Army repel Japanese forces to Hubei Province. However, the Nazi empire encroaches upon the liberated, united China from the north. Chairman Mao Zedong swears defiance.[37]
  • June 21: The United Kingdom is defeated after a costly campaign commanded by Feldmarshall Gerolf Feigenbaum. The Commonwealth is folded into the Nazi Empire and allied armies are ordered to stand down.[38]
  • July 8: Four months after pushing out the Japanese occupier, the Republic of China surrenders unconditionally to Germany following an attack by Nazis' special assault teams. Less than two years after the joint victory in the Leyte Gulf, Japan is forced to give up its territorial claims in mainland Asia. China and Japan are expected to be transformed into servant states under the protection and hegemony of the Nazi Empire.[39]
  • July 10: Nazis declare victory in Eurasia.
  • The Albuquerque murders of nine professors connected to The Manhattan Project destroy the American nuclear bomb project.
  • December 11: Press conference about Hellstorm missiles.
  • December 21: Nazi Germany drops an atomic bomb on New York City, instantly killing 200 000 people, decimating the surrounding environs, and rendering the area uninhabitable for years.[40]
  • December 22: Germans descend on Washington D.C. The President gives speech urges people to stand down and ensure a peaceful transiton to Nazi rule.
  • December 23: Los Angeles reports Liberator Squads being sent across the United States.
  • December 24: The President of the United States declares the American government's surrender to the German Army, signaling the end of World War II with complete Nazi victory. Following the surrender, German soldiers and Panzerhunde parade down the streets of Washington, D.C. Hitler makes a victory speech on the Capitol building.[41]


  • Eisenwald Prison opens.
  • January 7: Pacification of the United States begins as Wehrmacht units are deployed to occupy and quell insurgencies. Surviving soldiers are ordered to report to the occupiers to be assigned labor duties.[42] Like in Europe, the occupying forces are met with resistance, including terror bombings, assassinations, and street fighting. Nazis retaliate with retaliatory mass executions, deportations to concentration camps, and redeploying elite counter-insurgency units from occupied China.[43]
  • February: The Nazis demolish Mount Rushmore.[44]
  • May 1: Rip Blazkowicz turns out to be an effective collaborator and dedicated snitch, reporting Jews and "undesirables" to the Gestapo.
  • October 13: Nazi Germany annexes Italy. Brutally so.[45]


  • Kreisau Circle sets up its base under the Monuments of Truth.
  • June: During a staged soccer game in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a player is shot by a German referee for injuring one of the German players.


  • Ausmerzer begins patrolling America after the end of the Liberation War.
  • Rip Blazkowicz moves up in the Nazi ranks, earning a new house thanks to betraying his friends and neighbors.
  • July 20, 3:56 AM: German astronaut Hans Armstark and his co-pilot Emmerich Otto become the first men to land on the Moon.[46]
  • August: The London resistance cell launches an uprising in the city, almost succeeding in liberating it.[47]
  • September 17: The August Uprising in London is crushed by the London Monitor. The last remnants of the London freedom fighters are systematically wiped out.[48]



  • The Eisenpfeil high-speed railway line from Warsaw, Poland to Zagreb, Annexed Croatia opens.
  • May 15: First outbreak of mold infestation in Uberconcrete structures in Berlin is reported. Set Roth's sabotage of the formula at Belica goes undetected.[50]
  • October 25: The Great Wall of China is reinforced by German engineering to guarding China from "potential invaders" from the Mongolian territories.[51]


  • Wernher Von Braun, father of German rocketry, dies.[52]


  • August 5 - Erdmann Krueger writes letter to Helmut Hoffman.[53]
  • October: Anya Oliwa, in the guise of Ramona, slays multiple Nazis at Maławieś. She is never caught.[54]



  • The Nazi Lunar Base is established in the Glitter Bowl.
  • December 19: Newspaper reports on Dr. Oliwa's success.


  • October 2 - The Gibraltar Bridge is open to the public, bridging the Gibraltar Strait and providing a direct resupply line to Nazi forces attempting to conquer Africa.[56]


  • Purges begin in Paris, attempting to turn it into the perfect Aryan city through a combination of deportation, murder, and genocide.[57]
  • August: Pierre Meyer's building in Paris collapses killing 134 people.[58]
  • September 2: German bioengineers at the London Nautica announce a breakthrough in animal hybridization research.[59]
  • October 9:B.J. Blazkowicz escapes from his psychotropic imprisonment and leads the resistance against the Nazi regime and Deathshead.[60]
    • Expansion plans for the Belica concentration camp announced, to increase its limestone output and production of super-concrete.[61] Coincidentally, new deposits are announced two days later.[62]
  • October 10: Dr. Ernst Brandt, one of Germany's key figures in computational science and inventor of the first A.I. system to be use in the Panzerhund, publicly announces his plans to create the smartest non-human intelligence.[63]
    • Art dealer Astrid Kopf is arrested for circulating artwork censored by the Nazis.[64]
  • October 13: B.J. Blazkowicz infiltrates Eisenwald Prison and rejoins the Kreisau Circle, liberating Fergus/Wyatt and breaking Berlin's six-month long spell of undeserved peace from terror attacks.[65][66]
  • October 15: Nazi-controlled media report on the defeated English populations forced to live in the London ghettos, as resigned to their fate and actively collaborating with the Gestapo and other Nazi authorities.[67] Another report states that miners in Reichsgae Britannien are happy with the regulations imposed on them by their Nazi masters.[68] The Kreisau Circle proves them wrong by launching an attack on the London Nautica megastructure: Following a suicide bombing, BJ infiltrates the building, acquires the Laserkraftwerk, and aids in stealing stealing three prototype Project Whisper stealth helicopters. [69] The attack definitely throws a wrench into the plans to recreate Doster fossils into dinosaurs and harness them for the Nazis.[70] Londoners prove Nazi propaganda wrong and riot, until hundreds of them are killed by the London Monitor.[71]
  • November: Die Käfer begin their world tour, to promote their latest album, Das blaue U-boot.[72]
  • November: Nazi Germany controls Northern Africa, having exterminated the local population and introducing its own settlers to the area.[73] Plans are made to terraform Sahara, as proof of concept that Moon, Mars, and even Venus could be transformed into habitable areas.[74] Plans to expand the lunar colony are made, starting with forced labor camps to extract wolframite.[75]
  • November 5: Friedrich Keller's headless body is found on the bottom of the Vistula at Gotenhafen (Gdynia). Even Nazi-controlled media begin to wonder if the resistance cells are reactivating (they are).[76]
  • November 9: B.J. Blazkowicz infiltrates the Belica concentration camp, carves a path of destruction through its guards, stages an uprising, maims Frau Engel, and rescues Set Roth.[77] Nazi authorities in Berlin begin dragnet operations across the city to root out suspected terrorists and wind up killing upstanding Nazi citizens.[78]
  • November 15: Nazi media announced the launch of the Sonnengewehr[79] and celebrate an era of peace (for Nazis) and arguably the apex of Nazi domination over the Earth, with nearly 75% of habitable areas under the Nazi jackboot and developing colonization programs of the Solar System.[80] Blazkowicz and the Kreisau Circle disagree: After seizing Eva's Hammer, they launch terror attacks on the Gibraltar Bridge, the lunar base, destroy the London Monitor, and survive a crackdown by the SS and Gestapo in Berlin, relocating to the seized Nazi supersub.[81]
    • The destruction starts to destabilize the Nazi empire: The destruction of the bridge cuts a vital supply line fueling colonial efforts in Africa, loss of the lunar base hamstrings further development of the Moon, while the Monitor's disappearance causes Londoners to riot again, proving that reports of fish & chips' death and acceptance of Nazi sauerkraust and wurst are premature.[82]


  • ~February 18: The Kreisau Circle deploys the Spindly Torque against Strasse's castle on the Baltic Coast. The destruction allows Blazkowicz to infiltrate the castle for a second time and clash with Deathshead in an epic duel atop its tallest tower. Eventually, he manages to corner the architect of Nazis' victory and nearly kill him. Strasse instead commits suicide with an antique grenade, in a bid to take Blazkowicz with him. William sustains grevious wounds, but is successfully evacuated by the rest of the Kreisau Circle, which then nukes Deathshead's compound from Eva's Hammer.[83]
  • February 25: Caroline Initiates the mission in Paris along with Juna and the French Resistance fighters to find valuable Intel and objectives and the mission was success however Juna was killed during the mission and able to recruit some remnant of the resistance fighters in the circle such as Maria Laurent and Francine Delacroix.
  • March 12
  • April 5 - Set's diary.
  • May 16 - Emilia's postcard.
  • May 24 - Nazis scientists publish research paper promoting German language.
  • May 25 - Newspaper reports on research paper.
  • May 29 - Franka's postcard
  • June 1 - Gottlieb's postcard
  • June 12 - Unknown Nazi scientist's journal.
  • June 13
  • June 20
  • June 23 - American resistance base bombed near Denver, in the Rocky Mountains.
  • June 24 - Newspaper reportings bombing.
  • :Irene Engel is promoted to general.
  • June 25 - Irene Engel tracks down Eva's Hammer and tries to destroy the Resistance. B.J. fights back in a wheelchair, surrenders and taken on board the Ausmerzer. Caroline is killed, and B.J. fights back freeing the Eva's Hammer. He makes it back to the ship learns of secret Section F and fights his way to destroy the signal so that Irene can no longer track the submarine.
  • June 26 - Newspaper releases report on Ubermensch, Fraulein Fox reveals ever
  • June 27 - BJ crashes train in New York City.
  • June 28 - Government report on reliability of news.
  • July 1 - Review of The Trumbaurer Journals.
  • July 3
  • Newspaper, majority supports the New Regim
  • Mihai Popescue's e-post, Friedrich Baumgarner's e-post
  • July 4

- Engel's E-post, Vollrath Brotz's e-post - BJ travels to Roswell, New Mexico. German Victory Day. -B.J. blows up Area 52 with a nuke.

  • July 5 - B.J. returns to Mesquite, Texas.
  • July 18 - B.J. is executed in live television with millions of view across the globe. Hitler declares the day of his execution as national holiday ''Justice Day''.
  • July 22 - B.J. is revived with a new Super Soldier body stolen by Caroline Becker
  • August 4 -
  • August 5 -
  • August 8 -
  • August 12 -
  • August 11 or 15 - B.J's 50th birthday.
  • August 12 or 16 - Death of Irene Engel by B.J
  • B.J. and the American Resistance network successfully destroys the Oberkommando in Area 52 and capturing the Ausmerzer flying fortress along with the successful assassination of Frau Irene Engel on live television by William B.J. Blazkowicz, almost all high-ranking officials in the Venus Oberkommando base and all Ubercommander in the US. The Second American revolution officially begins with the grip of the Nazi beginning to crumble in the US. In an attempt to gain independence and break away from the Nazi dictatorship's tightening grip of the U.S.A ever since the end of World War II. After this year, the Nazi enters into great decline in their power over the world.


  • July 4 - Victory Day/Change Over Day, English is banned in the United States. Those who fail the test will be sent to reeducation camps for one last attempt. Riots and Resistance activities continue to intensify across the US causing the enforcement of the Change Over Day to go into disarray as a majority of US people continue to throw Molotov Cocktails and IED at Nazi police stations and outposts. Furthermore, massive prison breaks caused by the American Resistance network increases the number of recruitment in the Network and forces the Nazi to completely abandon their presence in the Ghetto to have more manpower to fend for themselves, flee or evacuate against the rising strength of the Resistance movement. The surviving phenomenon of B.J. from Irene's decapitation strikes deep fear into the rank of the Nazi and he also attains somewhat legendary status in the Global Resistance Movement in which some US people now call him the Angel of Death. Furthermore, the Nazi begins to finish the construction of the Sun Gun to quell out the American Resistance in the midwest. Their attempt gets into disarray due to the intervention of Gunslinger Joe and Captain Gerald Wilkins.


  • July 4 - the Nazis announces that the English language is phased out and becomes illegal to use. However, the rise of the Second American Revolution causes the ban of English becomes completely useless. The Nazis continue to lose control over their territories across the world. Neumond Record is forced to evacuate their employee and executives out of Hollywood due to increased in Resistance Movement causing show like German or Else, Trust in Brother and Blitzmensch being shut down. With the Second American Revolution in full swing the collaborationist, puppet government is overthrown as well as the restoration of democratic American rule and the United States was reborn.


  • Hitler is assassinated by B.J. but not before activating a weather control doomsday device, causing the apocalypse to slowly manifest.


  • Manhattan projected to become habitable by overenthusiastic Nazi scientists ignoring reports from soldiers occupying Manhattan.


  • Venus is for Victory is released, a dramatization of the surgical strike by William Blazkowicz at Venus, meant to obscure the abject failure of the Venus colonization project and its abandonment.[84]


  • A quarter of a century after defeating the Soviet Union, the Reich abandons its Russian territories and retreats to Europe. The territories are saturated with nuclear weapons to salt the land and render it uninhabitable.[85]


  • Catastrophic storms begin to manifest across the world, and hit western Europe. The weather causes massive thunderstorms and record-setting floods in their wake, and occur with disturbing regularity. Eventually, they are declared their own season: Sturmzeit, or Time of Storms.[86]
  • The Zauberpyramide is introduced to the market, becoming an overnight hit.[87]


  • Robotmörder is deployed on General Brandt's orders to autonomously seek out and kill resistance fighters. The robot becomes a plague on the city, murdering civilians with wanton disregard for their guilt.[88]



  • March: General Lothar Brandt goes rogue after his involvement in the Fourth Reich and independent operations come to light in Berlin. After engaging the Gestapo assault squad at his Siegturm penthouse, Brandt sustains wounds and goes into hiding in Neu-Paris.[90]
  • October: Elections take place in the restored United States.[91]


  • March 14: General Walter Winkler, veteran of the North African Front, is assigned as the new Ruling General of Neu-Paris, following the desertion of Lothar Brandt.[92]
  • March 22: A series of extremely destructive typhoons devastates Southeast Asia, especially the shores of the South China Sea, bringing death and misery to a region that barely started recovering after the Reich abandoned the region and withdrew its forces to Europe.[93]
  • March 26: Cyberpilot takes place. Brother 3 is attacked by La Resistance and is severely damaged in the attack, with most of its superstructure rendered unusable.[94]
  • April 8: A flash-flood in Brazil destroys several townships and kills thousands, setting unpleasant records as the apocalypse accelerates. The Reich's Meteorological Institute in Berlin dismisses the reports, publicly.[95]
  • April 9: The nuked-out Russian Wastelands become a subject of a study for the Berlin Institute of Science, in a desperate bid to restart its spacefaring program by studying the desolate wastelands.[96]
  • April 14: Purge of the Political Detention Area 4 begins in Paris. Dissidents are executed by Nazi death squads to pave the way for "reconstruction".[97]
  • April 17: The Blazkowicz Twins (Sophia and Jessica) arrive in Neu-Paris and proceed to make their father proud by liberating it, starting with killing General Winkler and ending with killing the rogue General Brandt.[98]

Behind the scenes[]

Relationship with other games[]

Many retcons that may not fit with Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Wolfenstein. That includes historical elements concerning the reimagined Castle Wolfenstein (particularly its geography and history), Wesley, Kessler, different Super Soldiers than seen in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, etc. As such, some of these references appear to be more like homages, nods, in-jokes, and easter eggs to older sources rather than straight continuity references.

In fact, very little of 2009 Wolfenstein was even utilized as a part of the plot of The New Order.

  • "...we asked him if the last Activision Wolfenstein game had any bearing on their version, to which he replied "No it does not. We try not to include that game as part of our story. Personally, I think that Activision did a crap job".[99]

The Old Blood does make many nods to the original game and shares many characters, most of them reimagined. Several sources even postulate that The Old Blood is a retelling of Return to Castle Wolfenstein [1]. Many characters were designed to share similar experiences to that of the original, including, but not limited to, Richard Wesley/Webley, Helga von Schabbs/Helga von Bulow, Otto I/Heinrich I, The Monstrosity/Olaric, Ludwig Kessler/Kessler, and Emmerich Schreiner/Zemph.

The locations of Return to Castle Wolfenstein which the games share have been moved to a different part of Germany, with many of the backstories similar but attributed to Otto I rather than Heinrich I. For example, The Old Blood portrays Helga von Schabbs as the ancestral owner of Castle Wolfenstein, and a descendant of Otto I. In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, it was Heinrich Himmler who was the owner of Castle Wolfenstein, and a descendant of Heinrich I.

The designers claim to be better fans of the original games in the series instead (Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny) and there are nods and callbacks to those games as well. They even claim that the newest games are a continuation of the original series (though obviously, they do not share the original game's endings).

MachineGames' series appears to ignore the more 'supernatural' aspects of previous games in the series for a more science fiction approach, even when it touches on concepts of 'ancient technologies' and the idea of reanimated corpses. Due to this, only the dates or references to events specifically confirmed in MachineGames reboot universe are listed in this timeline.

New Order/Old Blood/New Colossus notes[]

  • In an apparent retcon, BJ mentions he was 32 during events of RTCW (which in the original game was set March, 1943, when he was still 31). His birthday is in August during events of New Colossus. This means X-Labs events had to have been retconned into either after August, 1943 or before August, 1944. Perhaps even merged with the events of Wolfenstein 2009. This may be in part due to the date given on the Recon Maps in the RTCW strategy guides, which give the date for the recon maps as having been made on July 1944.
  • The first two games mention the X-Labs incident. But nothing about any of the other events from RTCW (other than he hid out in a Wulfsburg safehouse after contacting Ludwig Kessler though they never met), and very little from Wolfenstein.
  • Klaus's tattoos list 33, and 41 respectively, indicating campaigns he must have taken part in.
  • Fergus Reid mentions that they have been searching for years to have another confrontation with Wilhelm Strasse. Technically if the dating in Wolfenstein (2009) was taken into consideration the OSA had a confrontation with him only a little over or less than a year before. If he is being accurate then the game must be placing the events at least two years before 1946 (in the 1944 period, even before the period when the RAF is destroyed). Considering the dating of X-labs, even that occurred roughly two years before.
  • While Webley (Agent One), an OSA agent from England was killed in the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein timeline, a doppelganger Richard Wesley from Wales (though he is at least called twice as Englishman by nazis) appears in The Old Blood much alive and well. It's unclear if they are intended to be the same person or simply the game making a nod to names from the previous games much like with Helga Von Schabbs. But this could indeed indicate another change/retcon/reimagining from a previous timeline. Perhaps it's possible that The Old Blood follows off of the RTCW co-op timeline events were Agent One escapes with B.J. and avoids being tortured.
  • Ludwig Kessler is a nod to the Kessler from RTCW, however, B.J. and Ludwig Kessler has never met in person until the events of the Old Blood. Kessler has apparently had contact with him over the radio, however. This appears to be another reimagining, and reboot of the timeline. There is however a reference to BJ having been to the Wulfburg safehouse in the past (which may be a reference to RTCW, he just never met Kessler there).
  • The only references to 2009 that appear are Kreisau Circle, an explanation of Anya's perceived 'death'/'disappearance', and references to Hans Grosse (2009)/Hans Grösse, and Strasse's involvement in Isenstadt. However, there are no direct references to the supernatural goings-on, or Black Sun/Veil energy.
  • The Old Blood contains many nods and references to characters, and locations from RTCW and Wolfenstein 3D.[100] However, many of them are reimagined or changed.
  • Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor was historically the son of Heinrich I, the villain of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, putting a familial connection between the villains of both games. Though there is little or no references to his father (or his father's actions). Though an image of his father in his younger years may be included in the paintings in the castle.
  • It is mentioned on Jan 12, 1946, that Hitler revisits Castle Wolfenstein. This may be an offhand nod to the fact that Hitler was placed at Castle Wolfenstein in the Original Encounter and Mac Family campaign (a prologue to the original Wolfenstein 3D) campaign which had B.J. ultimately encountering and defeating Hitler twice in his lifetime. The Wolfenstein graphic novels also seemingly placed Hitler's encounter at Castle Wolfenstein as well (but its less clear).
  • The Nightmare! levels in both New Order and Old Blood games portray B.J.'s memories of an escape and encounter with Hans Grösse in Wolfenstein 3D/3rd Encounter, the New Order even includes mission objective, journal information and narrative. The Old Blood versions are slightly more accurate to the original Wolfenstein 3D versions including more types of enemies including dogs and lieutenants (however, it uses 1946 era weapons and a silenced pistol unlike the weapons in the original game).
  • AH's postcard in The New Colossus Hitler talks about his Mecha-Hitler armour, and claims he defeated B.J. and captured him.
  • Old silver an item found throughout the nightmare levels (and unlock classic character data in the Extras menus) in The Old Blood are all dated to 1928. Placing the nightmare events post-1928. Though weapons are the 1946 era handguns and rifles, and unlikely be accurate to dating the events of the Nightmare, assuming Hans Grosse's first defeat (or at least an earlier one before events of Wolfenstein (2009)) had to have occurred before 1945 (see RTCW timeline and/or Black Sun timeline). Or at least 1946 weapon prototypes existed in 1945. However, a newspaper in The Old Blood would appear to place events of Original Encounter/2nd Encounter/Mac Family events in 1946, making the weapons dating a non-issue. However, it might also place the events of Wolfenstein 2009 in early 1946 as well (for the order of events of when Hans Grosse was first encountered vs. his death in Isenstadt, or perhaps its been reimagined that he survived Isenstadt and later defeated again at Castle Wolfenstein (in opposition to the graphic novels)).
  • Lil John music, Friday, Oct. 7. The dates in which October 7 feel on a Friday between 1940 and 1961 include 1948, 1955, 1960.
  • Jazzing Orchestra at the Red Eye Goat, Monday, May 17th. (the only years between 1940 and 161 in which Monday falls on May 7 include 1943, 1948, 1954.) The poster could fit around 1948, before the Nazis won the war. But the event would have to take place before the Nazis turned N.O. into a ghetto by building the wall (4th May, 1952) and before the hurricane (so 1954 doesn't work, unless for a time musicians were able to still play Jazz back in 1954 inside the wall).
  • A newspaper in Mesquite has a famous quote from H.L. Menken this was originally published in 26, July, 1920 in the Baltimore Evening Sun.,

Overlapping concepts and divergence[]

  • There are a number of ways where Old Blood seems to diverge from events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but share several ideas and concepts as well. There is a few nods to BJ having been to Wulfburg/Castle Wolfenstein on previous occasions (Wolf 3D, RTCW, etc), but certain characters from RTCW either are alive again, such as Richard Wesley (or it followed the co-op campaign where Wesley survived and helped BJ on every mission), or do not recognize him in the same way (Ludwig Kessler introduces himself to BJ for the first time, though there is some indication they have at least talked to each other over the radio before). While Kamfhounds seems to be a reference to X-shepherds, the 1946 Old Blood versions of Supersoldaten appear more primitive than those found late in RTCW in 1943.
  • While both New Order/Old Blood and Fourth Reich graphic novels suggest an alternate history diverging from WW2 (with a continuation of the war after 1945). They may both diverge at different points (or possibly overlap).
    • In New Order, Hitler was not killed in his bunker, but may have suffered a defeat according to Gamespot interview and a newspaper seen in the Old Blood (see above). A nightmare does hint that the start of Wolfenstein 3-D events may have occurred (there is some in-game story and dialogue connected to it). By 1946 things have turned around in Germany's favour. The Nightmare levels in The Old Blood continues this trend up to Hans Grösse, and the Escape from Castle Wolfenstein. There is also a newspaper that discusses the attempt on Hitler's life by B.J..
    • In the Fourth Reich timeline, Hitler suffers a 'major defeat' during Operation: Eisenfaust (assumed to be in 1945 corresponding to his actual date of death, but could refer to one of the other earlier attempts' on his life as well), leading to the false idea that the war had ended. But the Nazis arose again under the Fourth Reich (under an unknown leadership), and the war continued. It is not specifically stated that Hitler was killed but that he had suffered a 'major defeat'.
      • Where they may diverge is the point when Wolfenstein (2009) took place either (this is presumably after Wolfenstein 3-D according to the graphic novels). On the one hand Wolfenstein (2009) does not give any specific dates (most references to the Reich refer to "Das Reich" (The Reich) or "Deutch Reich" (German Reich)) and there are already elements that suggest that its timeline already has diverged from actual WW2 history (SS Tirpitz) or continued existence of the Kreisau Circle, so either way it could have occurred before or after 1945 without much effect to the story or continuity.
    • There may be room for both timelines to overlap, but that would mean Wolf3D takes place before Wolfenstein 2009 (in whatever date the 2009 game takes place, but this is suggested by the Graphic novels as well).
      • Of what was utilized includes Caroline Becker (implied to have been killed in the 2009 game). Of course, the return of Wilhelm Strasse (although his return could be seen as more direct reappearance to RTCW), and his technology is more reminiscent to the technology seen in RTCW (mechanical hounds and uber soldiers). Caroline punching Hans Grosse is briefly mentioned as well. The Kreisau Circle begins but it has existed since RTCW as well.
  • The Kreisau Circle is another element taken from history that exists in the Wolfenstein timelines in the ID universe, RTCW, New Order and the Fourth Reich timelines. Historically, it was a minor organization that dissolved on 19 January 1944, when its leader Moltke was arrested and the Kreisau Circle fell into disarray.
  • As mentioned the events of Wolfenstein 3D and attack Hitler are referenced to various degrees in every timeline including the RTCW strategy guide, Wolfenstein (2009)/Graphic novels, Wolfenstein 3D Classic (where its an OSA mission) and reinterpreted in The Old Blood.
  • The escape from Castle Wolfenstein and battle with Hans Grosse is referenced in several games and several sources including a nod to it in the RTCW strategy guide, the Wolfenstein/Graphic novels, and The Old Blood. See also Wolfenstein 3D classic, where it was tied into the OSA/RTCW/Wolfenstein RPG/2009 games.
  • The exact date for when Hitler was attacked, and Eisenfaust events occurred are not given in the MachineGames series. A date '''February, 1945'' was given in Wolfenstein 3D Classic which was made after the Bethesda take over of the series but it is not known if it is considered valid to the MachineGames on internal timeline (the game itself was tied into the RTCW/Wolfenstein 2009 by use of artwork, but reference to B.J. being an OSS agent, but it came out long before MachineGames took over the series and rebooted it). However, in the game versions of these events, one can use the Assault Rifle 1946 which could mean that in MachineGames timeline the assault occurred only months before 1946 portions of Old Blood. So it could easily be late 1945 to early 1946 event. Hitler's survival is reported on in January 1946 (it's even possible that report was made within hours or even a day from when the event took place).

She talks about how she plans to meet Rip "this Sunday". August 1, 1908, actually was a Saturday, so she could have said "Tomorrow".


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