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Maria Laurent is a French Resistance fighter and engineer who appears in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. She is responsible for capturing and reprogramming the Cyberpilot to fight for the Resistance cause, and is Fergus Reid's love-interest.


The New Colossus[]

Maria was a member of the Kreisau Circle, and is often seen in the pub, or in the helicopter bay, working on them. Fergus Reid has a crush on Maria, and is seen writing a letter to give to her, as he doesn't know how to express his feelings. Maria is questioned on her feelings by a resistance member, as she notices that Fergus is nice to her. The player can give Maria said letter, as she can be found in the helicopter bay, and shows joy when reading it.

When Fergus attempted to admit his feelings for Maria, his prosthetic arm touches her breast, leading her to slap him. Angered, Fergus attacks his arm by slamming it, as it hides in helicopter bay's vent.


19 years after the Second American Revolution, Maria left the Kreisau Circle and went to France to liberate her homeland.


Maria is part of the French resistance, hiding among them within the catacombs, and is seen working on the Cyberpilot with a drill. She is also one of the many quest givers, giving Jess and Soph Blazkowicz missions to collect stolen research, destroy material, and find data tapes to aid the resistance against the Nazi regime.

She and the resistance of the fighters were tricked into leaving the catacombs to prepare to take Lab X by Lothar and Julie Brandt, who were guised as "Jacques" and "Juju". Maria and the other resistance survived, and most were successful in escaping from Lab X, and Abby states that the resistance members saw Lothar and Julie heading to the Siegturm tower when escaping.

After the twins succeed in killing the Brandt's, the resistance are safe in the catacombs, and Maria and the others give them missions to defeat the Nazis, and Lothar's new group, the Fourth Reich.



  • If you meet with Maria, she will talk about the Cyberpilot.
  • In The New Colossus, there's a bug where Maria's head will glitch when near the Whisper helicopter.