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The Maschinenpistole is a submachine gun that appears in Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

In Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot[]

The Machinenpistole appears in Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot as the only firearm-related weapon used in the game, at the very end, when the VR Cockpit section of the research facility was destroyed by the Nazis in a spiteful retaliatory attack, due to the Cyberpilot hacking their robots, with no Vehicles for him to control, he was thus forced to use the Machinenpistoles found on the desk in front of him to fend off the remaining Nazis. For reasons that ought to be obvious, The Maachinenpistole has infinite ammo.


The Maschinenpistole is often a weapon wielded by some higher tier Commanders, and be found laying around areas they usually are (e.g. their small stations). The player can choose between the Maschinepistole or the Pistole as their starting sidearm before starting the game, and will be upgraded by default if chosen. Lothar Brandt wield the weapon in their boss fights, dual-wielding and upgraded.


Nadel Set[]

  • Magnifying Scope:
  • Suppressor:
  • Tactical Receiver:
  • Extended Magazine:
  • Polymer Grip:

Tempo Set[]

  • Red Dot Sight:
  • Rapid Fire Receiver:
  • Drum Magazine:
  • Muzzle Brake:
  • Lightweight Grip:

Stier Set[]

  • Tactical Iron Sight:
  • Extended Magazine:
  • Heavy Receiver:
  • Barrel Shroud: Increases damage at the cost of accuracy and fire rate
  • Cross-Hatch Grip:


  • For mayhem players, it's good for dual-wielding, but can be useful for stealthy players who more a rapid fire suppressed weapon.
    • However, mayhem players might want be careful with it, as it doesn't hold a lot of ammo early on, especially for dual-wielding. This also goes for the drum magazine upgrade, as you will run out of ammo quickly in a fight.
  • For mayhem players, it's best to choose the weapon over the Pistole in the menu, since it will be upgraded.
  • When in tunnel sections, it's best to have it for the flashlight if you don't have that attachment on one of better weapons.



  • The weapon's design is derived from the Micro Uzi sub-machine gun and the Ingram MAC 10 sub-machine gun. The Mac 10 was a SMG (sub-machine gun) design from the 1960s.