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This article is about the long-ranged rifle in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For the scoped version of this weapon see sniper scope. For the version seen in the 2009 game Wolfenstein, see Kar98.

The Mauser rifle is a powerful long-range rifle in Return to Castle Wolfenstein which is able to mount a scope.


The weapon is based on Karabiner 98 Kurz, the most common weapon issued to German soldiers during the Second World War. It has a short timeout after each shot during which a sound like operating a bolt can be heard, which gives it a slow rate of fire. However, it is both powerful and accurate, and once the scope add-on is picked up it is a very capable sniper rifle. In the enemy hands, this is a deadly long-range rifle, even though most of them are not scoped.


It is first obtained during the "Ominous Rumors" mission's first part, Escape!, later on can be obtained from enemy snipers. Scoped version is first obtained at Kessler's house. After picking up the scope, the unscoped version is no longer usable, the crosshair will be gone as well.


  • This gun uses 7.92mm rounds and has a 10 round magazine with a maximum reserve supply of 200 rounds.
  • Beware of this weapon! Even without scope, the enemies who have it can hit you with pin point accuracy at the hardest difficulty setting, you will get hit once the enemy spots you - especially Elite Guards in Unhallowed Ground where the fog during the night drastically reduces the visibility. The rifle shot can be heard from a distance, so you can carefully counter the sniper with your own rifle, though it's risky; or run right and left to avoid rifle fire, until you get close and you can use MP40 or FG 42 to eliminate the threat. Otherwise the rifle user can kill you in 4-6 shots on higher difficulty, and this can occur in 15 seconds, if not careful.
  • Normally the Mauser rifle will only hold 5 rounds, the Gewehr 41/43 rifle uses a 10-round magazine though.
  • Enemy Territory Covert Ops variant comes with a supressor, and Engineer kit is equipped with a Grenade launcher, Turning it into a Rifle Grenade.
  • The Mauser starts of dealing 20 damage per shot. The scope allows it to deal 55 damage per shot, however it has special modifiers against some enemies allowing it to do a bit more or a bit less damage per shot against them.


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