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The Mdl. 24 grenade (German: Stielhandgranate) is the standard issue grenade of the German army. It is a hand-held explosive device. When thrown, it will remain for a number of seconds, depending on how long the throw grenade button is held, and then explode. Nearby enemies may attempt to throw it back (or just run away from it), and conversely, when close enough to a grenade thrown by an enemy, B.J may throw it back, however, if the grenade goes off before thrown by B.J., he will badly hurt, or even killed. Enemies of most type are known to carry grenades, they will toss them when there is a stand-off.

When using the Veil, holding the grenade to cook it will result in a faint smoke-like trail extending from the middle of the screen to show the arc the grenade will follow when thrown.


The Model 24 cannot be missed, first being picked up from a table in Train Station in order to proceed. Almost all German soldiers have a random chance of dropping grenades, and pickups are also common within the game world.

The ammo pickup, Mdl. 24 grenades, is a bundle of three grenades, though oddly this only adds one grenade to BJ's stock.


The Mdl. 24 Grenade produces a good sized explosion upon detonation. This, combined with the ability to be thrown and bounced off corners and walls, makes it a useful tool for dealing with fortifications. Care should be taken around the grenades at all times, due to the tendency to bounce back if not thrown correctly. It deals 60 damage (120 after fragmentation upgrade). You can cook the grenade to reduce the enemy's reaction time, or if mastered, get the grenade go-off right after it lands. But doing this also has risks, if you holding it for too long, the grenade will blow the B.J. up. 


There are a total of 3 upgrades for the Mdl. 24 Grenade, with a total cost of $6,000. They are:

  • High Explosives. Unlock: complete Hospital. Cost: $3,000. Greatly increases the blast radius of the Mdl. 24 Grenade.
  • Ammo Satchel. Unlock: complete Cannery. Cost: $2,000. Increases the maximum ammo from 3 to 6.
  • Fragmentation. Unlock: complete Dig Site. Cost: $1,000. Increases the damage the Mdl. 24 Grenade deals.


  • It is one of the grenade based upon from real life counterpart.