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The Medic is the name of a class in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Medics can heal players with Health Packs and revive dead players with Syringes.

His special ability is the Adrenalin Syringe, which he uses on himself to receive a temporary boost.

First Aid skill[edit | edit source]

This class-specific skill improves the Medic's healing and reviving efficiency, and unlocks the special Adrenalin boost. Experience points are earned by healing and reviving teammates.

  • First Aid Level 1: Medic Ammo - Medics receive an extra ammunition clip and grenade with their basic weapon load-out.
  • First Aid Level 2: Improved Resources - 2 syringes extra max ammo, you get 2 extra on spawn, plus Medic pack only takes 15% Power Bar instead of 25%.
  • First Aid Level 3: Full Revive - Syringes now return fallen teammates to full health.
  • First Aid Level 4: Adrenalin Self - To equip the adrenalin shot press the Special Weapon 1 key (5 by default) twice and then press the primary fire key to inject the Adrenaline syringe. Doing so will impart a temporary bonus in Health and Stamina. For 10 seconds you will only suffer half damage from any attack but your Stamina Bar will not decrease at all even if you are sprinting. This will give you the ability to rush into and out of strongly defended areas which may prove of critical tactical importance.
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