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Melee weapons are objects occasionally found in the game world in Wolfenstein, which can be picked up and used.


Three melee weapons can be found in the game; the axe, the pickaxe and the sledgehammer. The three seem to only differ cosmetically, all three being able to kill most normal enemies instantly with a single successful melee attack, dealing 25 damage. They are found in fixed locations throughout the campaign, and initially are very useful, though they become more or less obsolete if the player purchases the bayonet upgrade for the Kar98 since it deals the same amount of damage.

All weapons handle in the same way; they are swung with the fire or melee button and can be thrown away with the grenade button. If thrown they will inflict some damage on anything they hit, but not enough to kill an enemy especially on highest difficulty. However, their fast, sudden movements make them useful to sneak around areas with heavy patrols.


  • There are no upgrades for melee weapons.