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The switch to reactivate or deactivate the microwave emitters.

"The map I got from Set, showing all the Nazi traps he placed around the boat, might prove useful."
―B.J.'s mission screen on using the Microwave Emitters.[src]

Microwave Emitters are booby traps set by Set Roth in the Eva's Hammer to kill invading Nazi's death squad. The Microwave Emitters emit a powerful high microwave frequency that can reduce a fully armored soldiers into mush easily. It is often placed at the corner of each sectors in the U-boat.

During BJ's fight against the Nazi in the U-boat, Set gives him the map of his booby traps so BJ can avoid the trap and take advantages of its to fight against the Nazi. Setting the trap before starting a fight is useful, as the soldiers will walk into the traps upon hearing gunshots.

After B.J. liberates the Eva's Hammer, the contraption is used by Stubbins, a mentally unstable Resistance member to isolate himself in a section of the submarine to escape his medication. B.J. eventually gets to him with the use of the battle walker, knocks him out cold and shut down the traps.


"Stop Blazkowicz! Freeze! Do not move a muscle until I say it's okay, alright? Alright. Don't even pass wind. The microwaves will turn you into mush - you don't want to be mush, Shimshon, do you?"
―Set telling B.J. not to walk into the emitters.[src]

The microwave emitters will turn anyone who walks into them to "mush", leaving only organs and what they are wearing (e.g. Nazi soldiers armor pieces). If B.J. walks into them, he will fall over dead, but his body doesn't turn into mush like the Nazi soldiers at the beginning of the game. However, if the player is the opposite side of the emitters, they will be pushed back and won't be harmed, can be tested in the killing house if the player tries to go back to the armory.