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Fully upgraded Mire.

Mire is the second Veil Power acquired in Wolfenstein, first available in the mission Dig Site a few rooms after the Thule Medallion itself. It gives the player the ability to slow down time, allowing for precise aim on fast-moving or small targets and also for dodging of fast attacks. The basic Mire ability slows down all actions except aiming, but the upgrade Slowing Crystal allows the player to move at normal speed with Mire active.

Activating Mire produces a small circular pulse which can destroy breakable objects and push other moveable objects away from you. With the upgrade Shearing Crystal, however, this pulse will instantly kill any low- or mid-level enemy caught in it, useful against unarmed enemies.


Mire is primarily useful for providing extra time to aim against enemies with small weakpoints such as Heavy Troopers, and can be used to give the player more time to react to fast enemies such as Veil Assassins, or give player an edge against a large group of enemies, like Scribe leading a pack of Sniffers. It combines well with Shield, granting the player protection while they take a tricky shot against a Sniper or deal with a powerful enemy like a Scribe within a group.

With the Shearing Crystal, Mire can easily be used to take on any short-ranged enemy; Veil Assassins and Sniffers in particular can be taken out the instant they try to attack.

Mire is also essential for traps, you must use it to pass them.


There are only 2 upgrades for the Mire power:

  • Slowing Crystal. Unlock: complete Dig Site. Costs: $1,000. Allows BJ to move and fire at normal speed in Mire.
  • Shearing Crystal. Unlock: complete Church. Costs: $3,000. The shockwave created by activating Mire will deal damage to enemies in its blast radius, and will instantly distintegrate normal enemies.


  • When using Mire without upgrades, it slows down everything, including the player's movement and rate of fire, but allows aiming at normal speed. Mire, in this state, acts more like the Bullet Time status made popular by Max Payne.
  • The shearing crystal acts like Lilith's phaseblast from Borderlands, but it only do when entering Mire.
  • It is also functional very similar to the Slow-Mo from F.E.A.R..

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