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The Monuments of Truth are two large statues in Berlin to commemorate Nazi Germany's victory in World War II. Unknown to the Nazis, the Monuments of Truth were also used by the Kreisau Circle as their secret headquarters until it was raided by Irene Engel. Thus, the place is abandoned after hijacked the Eva's Hammer.


The Monuments of Truth were commissioned by Adolf Hitler to celebrate, in his own words, "the spirit of the people which led this great nation to victory". An annual parade is held each fall which crosses the bridge that was built between the two statues of the monument. This parade street continues all the way up to the entrance of the Volkshalle.

Kreisau Circle[]


During the last decade, the Kreisau Circle has managed to stay hidden inside the Monuments of Truth, in the center of Berlin. It was a bold move by Caroline, the leader of the circle, but one that seems to have paid off. Inside the monument the Circle members can reach numerous access routes to the Berlin underground. They've also holed up surveillance devices to the Nazis' communication lines to gain valuable classified information.

Hangar entrance[]

There is a secret gate hidden in the River Spree wall near the city center. A tunnel leads from the gate to the Kreisau Circle's hangar beneath the Monuments of Truth. The tunnel is the remnant of an old construction project that was abandoned and forgotten. During the night, the Kreisau Circle uses this gate to transport large objects and vehicles into their hideout.

Kreisau Hangar[]

The hangar beneath Kreisau HQ is a section of a waste water treatment plant which was abandoned before construction work was finished. Now, it is used by the Kreisau Circle for storing stolen cargo, vehicles, and other large objects the Kreisau Circle need to store away somewhere safe. The helicopters from Project Whisper are stored here.