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The Moon or Der Mond is Earth's natural satellite, where the Nazi Lunar Base is built.


In 1951, Germans Hans Amstark and Otto Emmerich became the first individuals from earth to reach the moon. Touching down on a place known as the Glimmer Bowl, they helped set up the foundations of the first Nazi Lunar Base. By 1960, the base has become a sprawling complex, where the nuclear decryption keys of the Reich are held. As of the moment, there are plans to set up forced labor camps on the moon.

In 1961, the Nazis have reestablished their presence on the moon, with Gerhardt Dunkel being in control of the new Nazi Lunar Facility. However, the current facility seems to fail in comparison to its predecessor in terms of size and security capabilities, possibly due to the events of "The New Order" and a shift in Nazi resources and focus towards Venus.