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Moon Base Gamma, was a Nazi military research complex located on the Moon. The base was built sometime after the initial construction of Moon Base One. The base appeared in the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus DLC The Diaries of Agent Silent Death.


When the base was complete it was placed under the direct command of general Gerhardt Dunkel, and the base was frequently visited by high ranking members of the Nazi Party.

After an attack by Jessica Valiant, she had left the base crippled, and leaderless. It is unknown what happened to the base next.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus[]

When Agent Silent Death, infiltrated the base by killing the visiting Herr Schmidt, she was to assassinate Dunkel, however this proved difficult as the general barricaded himself in his office. So she cut off the oxygen supply causing the base to be evacuated, giving her the perfect opportunity to kill Dunkel.



  • It's strongly implied that Dunkel was personally appointed to the position of base commander by the Reich Minister of Advanced Research Wilhelm Strasse. This combined with the importance of Moon Base Gamma as an advanced weapons research facility made the posting a plum job for a very high ranking officer despite the base's remote location.
  • Interestingly there are no Space Marines posted at the facility at the time of Silent Death's infiltration. It is quite possible that any Space Marines stationed here had been hastily redeployed to Moon Base One in the aftermath of 'Terror Billy's' rampage there in order to help shore up the decimated defenses.
  • The Laserhund may be one of the weapons systems that was originally developed at Gamma.
  • Some of the research and development for the Sonnengewehr/Operation Black Sun was also carried out here.