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The Mondbasis Eins (lit. "Moonbase One") is the primary lunar colony established by the Nazis in the late 1950s, after achieving spaceflight. It has been only seen to date in Wolfenstein: The New Order (though other moonbases have been mentioned/hinted at, with some seen in associated DLC).


The lunar base was first built in 1956. It is located in an ancient impact crater known as the Glimmer Bowl. An ever-evolving complex populated by military personnel, miners, industrial workers and scientists, the lunar base is projected to have reached the size of a small city within four years. The base serves as the first and foremost centre of research for the Third Reich.

After the event of the New Order, the status of the Lunar Base is unknown. Judging from the fact that after B.J. killed nearly all personnel in the base, all of them highly experienced soldiers of the Third Reich (based on the conversation of a Nazi soldier in the Area 52), and the death of Deathshead, the Nazis concluded that the lunar base is no longer safe to keep their classified information in anymore. The Nazi technological secrets were transferred from the lunar base to the Venus base, making the Lunar Base less important nowadays. However the base itself most likely still does experiments, research, mining and the manufacturing of the Supersoldaten.

After the Nazis are weakened decades later during the event of the Young Blood, it is unknown if the Nazis still in control of the Moon Base or the US manages to capture it from them, which is highly likely.

Hangar bay[]

Nazi Space Shuttle.jpg

There have been surprisingly few accidents since the lunar base project was initiated. Last year's hangar shuttle crash that claimed 14 lives has increased the total death count to 69. Compared to the thousands of people who died during the construction of Gibraltar Bridge, this is a relatively small number. There are several scientists working there with cargo sitting around the hangar, a fuel hose coming from the wall and a pressurized door on said wall as an entrance. It has two huge fans on the wall with a valve cylinder and wires running across the wall. It also has a large openable section on the roof for shuttles to land and take off. This is most likely not the only hangar at the lunar base.

Entrance Hall & Terminal[]

The entrance hall looks similar to an Earth-based airport terminal with benches, TV screens with arrival and departure times and windows looking into the hangar. It has a large charging station and bathrooms (which can't be entered ingame). There are also several cameras, posters and a hallway that leads to a security station fork with two entrances equipped with X-ray detectors, which need to scan everybody who wants to pass through. Beyond the checkpoint is another waiting room with a bigger window that looks out to the surface of the Moon. It has a door that leads to the monorail tram station, a luggage room with a conveyor belt, a gas pipeline, a large charging station, a locked door, and a luggage security room with a control panel and an opening switch on it. The switch opens a lager door leading to the rest of the hallway and the next room.

Power Atrium[]

The power atrium is the circular big room located near the entrance hall. It has four doorways and four staircases, and also has glass panels, bench seats and small rooms on the lower floor. In the center is a huge pillar, which is most likely a form of a nuclear reactor. This pillar has TVs on it, and a beam that goes out to the wall. Above that beam is the circular glass ceiling. It has 4 floors, though only two of them are accessible - the middle two floors. The other floors are the bottom one which has a curved glass donut-shaped window because of the circular hallway around the reactor, and the larger floor is a bigger version of the bottom floor.

Crew Quarters[]

The crew quarters is where the crew lives and sleeps. It's most likely that there are a lot of these sections in the base, but only one is actually seen ingame. The section ingame has 24 rooms, though not all are enterable. Some rooms can be entered and are connected by a vent system, these rooms have their own small charging stations, bathrooms, bunk beds and desks with a computer and a thermostat. Two of these rooms are where commanders are seen sleeping. One of them (the first room on the left) has an easter egg on the computer, which displays the cover of Wolfenstein 3D.


The laboratories of Moon Base One are equipped with computers, hospital beds with straps (probably to hold down test subjects), experimentation tanks, desks, charging stations and decontamination rooms. They also have many shelves, glass beakers, cabinets and other equipment in the lab workshop areas. The first laboratory has two small rooms with strapped beds, magnetic tape data storage computers(with a unusually high amount of wheels, this one has five while the normal one has only two), more workshop areas and computers. This lab type is usually located between two hallways (one with a window and the other with stairs).

Giant Crane Room[]

The giant crane room a huge circular room with the giant crane that picks up spherical pods and puts them into a tube above the room's exit door. The crane has a MAPE logo on it, and the room also has two ring platforms with computer panels in covered areas with glass windows that look out into the center. These ring platforms are interconnected by stairs and they surround the center control area, with panels and an elevator in the very center of the room that comes up from another large room. That room is mostly empty, like the lower area. It only has lots of support beams and a closed elevator shaft in the center. There is a big gap between the platforms and the crane itself. The room also has pods moving across the walls into some kind of device at the opposite end from the door, only to be picked up by the crane. The room also has a glass ceiling. It can be seen from outside.

Decontamination Block D-7[]

The lunar base (at the time of The New Order) is a prime Nazi testing site for advanced technological research. Because of various kinds of materials being involved in research, the automated decontamination blocks are used for cleaning and preparing new test subjects.

War Room[]

Besides scientific research, Lunar Base One served as a meeting place for the most senior members of the Nazi Oberkommando. The facility's War Room was a large, trapezoid shaped chamber with a circular table in the center, below a massive computerized map of Planet Earth. From here the high levels of the German military could monitor and discuss ongoing and possible strategies for maintaining stability and control worldwide. The nuclear codes were stored here, and could be printed and distributed to Kriegsmarine submarine captains and Luftwaffe bomber commanders.

Shuttle Station[]

The shuttle station is where personnel sit and wait for shuttles to arrive, much like airport terminals, with TVs and benches. There are several windows looking out into the hangars, a collapsible hallway to access the shuttles, and other pressurised doors in the hangar itself. It also has its own bathrooms, vending machines, cameras and posters.


The systems aboard Moon Base One are governed by an experimental supercomputer known by the acronym MAPE. Its various operating equipment is referred to as Computing System Components. MAPE is used to assist Nazi scientists and strategists in the highly complex bio-chemical-technical research processes and managing the Nazi global war machine from a safe distance. MAPE was also tasked with storing and providing the access codes for Earth-based nuclear warheads.

Wolfenstein: The New Order[]

B. J. Blazkowicz, under the guise of the London Nautica Chief of Science, visits the Nazi Moonbase during the course of the game in search of the launch codes for the U-boat nuclear cannon. The station itself is relatively cramped with long, narrow hallways routinely patrolled by the resident personnel of the base.



  • As suggested by its name, the Mondbasis Eins is the first installation created amongst a plausible complex of various planetside facilities that are not accessible during gameplay.
  • The track Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja by Die Käfer can be heard in this map, through the PA system during the monorail sequence.
  • The world map in the war room actually has real life, current borderlines. This would be unrealistic since many countries would only be created after 1960 (such as many African countries or post-Cold War reunified Germany), and Nazi Germany annexed many countries like Austria, Croatia, and so on in this universe. This is most likely an oversight.