"Go and raise some hell, son."
―Joseph Stallion's father in Volume 3.[src]

Joseph Stallion's father, also known as Resistance legend Gunslinger Joe, was the leader of a Resistance group that fought against the Nazis during the occupation. Despite giving the Nazis a lot of casualties, he and his group were eventually captured and he, himself was enslaved to do hard labor by Metze in the Hillsboro coal mine for many years. He eventually united with his son after he saves him from Metze's deathtrap in the Secret Police Headquarters. Metze mentions him in Volume 3, stating that his persistent efforts lead him "six feet under", implying he died despite appearing in Volume 3's opening cinematic.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before the occupation, Joseph Stallion's father taught him how to shoot a gun on the farm, believing it would handy later on. After Nazis won World War II and took over America, Stallion lead a resistance group and rounded up his friends to fight against them. Despite giving the Nazis a lot of casualties, he and his group were captured and enslaved to hard labor by Übercommander Roderick Metze. Stallion was arrested in front of his son who would become a slave of the Reich and force to play rigged football.

The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe[edit | edit source]

"I thought you were dead, Joe. Persistent. Just like your worthless father slaving away down in those awful Hillsboro mines. And look where his persistence got him. Six feet under."
―Metze to Gunslinger Joe in Volume 3[src]

Stallion was sent to the Hillsboro coal mines for years until 1961 when Gunslinger Joe resisted his oppressors. Metze collected Stallion from the coal mines and presumably tortured him and left him at the Secret Police Headquarters in Illinois. Stallion reunited with his son, telling him to leave as his spirit was leaving him. Gunslinger Joe refused and escaped with his father, telling him to rest while he dealt with Metze. He is mentioned in Volume 3 by Metze, stating his persistence lead him "six feet under", implying he died during Gunslinger Joe's quest to kill Metze.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"That you, son? I can't go on no more. My spirit is leaving me. Get on out of here."
Forget it. The Stallions are no quitters, old man."
"Hell's bells, son...
―Gunslinger Joe and his father at the end of Volume 2.[src]
"You stay here papa. Rest up, okay?"
"Go and raise some hell son.
―Joseph and his father in the opening of Volume 3.[src]

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