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Murphy is an American officer working with the OSA. He is an advisor to the Director. Murphy is not thrilled to learn about the things the Nazis are up to behind the scenes and sometimes responds to particularly unpleasant discoveries with skepticism and disbelief.



  • While he is not actually named in the game, one can find his textures and source files under a folder titled "Murphy".
  • He is also listed as Murphy in the manual credits for Tides of War.
  • Murphy wears the crossed rifles of a U.S. Army infantry officer, the Parachutist Badge, the two stars of a major general and at the top of the ribbons on the left side of his uniform is the Silver Star medal, the third-highest American award for battlefield heroism. The sole ribbon on the right side of his uniform is the Presidential Unit Citation, first awarded in 1941.
  • Murphy was voiced by the late Charles Napier