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Rats attacking B.J.

A rat, ready to strike

Mutant Rats[1] (often known simply as Rats) are enemies unique to the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D. These critters are huge mutants used as an attacking force by the Master State. Mutant rats were added to the game in order to replace dogs, because of the strong censorship of the port.


Dr. Schabbs test animals are loose. These mutant rats are fast and vicious and big, but one shot should take them down. Since they dodge so well, its best get their attention and wait for them in a doorway. If you don't wait until, they are in close range, you'll waste a lot of ammo.

Tactical analysis[]

The rats attacks very much like the dogs, so the same strategies should be used. Where possible, try to avoid wasting ammunition on them: the Knife is sufficient to dispatch them.


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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus[]

At least one easter egg that is a call out to this creature can be found in the game, in the form of the side quest 'Rat Problem'.