The splash screen for NewWolf.

Episode 4 Floor 10

NewWolf permits extremely high resolutions compared to the original DOS client. This 1280x720 shot is cropped from a larger image.

NewWolf is an unofficial third-party port of Wolfenstein 3D to the OpenGL platform by DarkOne. It is meant to be a modernization of Wolfenstein 3D, providing native Windows support (does not require a DOSBox emulator), along with other significant features. It supports Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and both mission packs.


  • Newwolf controls

    The advanced Controls screen. The default layout is ESDF, as DarkOne considers it superior to WASD.

    Native Windows support (needs no DOS emulator), runs decently in Linux with WINE.
  • Runs much smoother than vanilla on higher-end PCs.
  • Native support of very high resolutions, up to 2048x1536.
  • Extensive developer console.
  • Automap (Tab key by default) which generates itself as you play the level.
  • Simultaneous ESDF/WASD strafing and turning with mouse (like modern first-person shooters) supported.
  • Improved controls menu with further customization available through console.
  • Added features, such as blood spray when an enemy is shot, effects when a bullet hits a wall, and optional fog.


  • Original game may run better through DOSBox in some lower-performance systems.
  • Some may feel it is inauthentic, especially with added features such as blood and automap; use of NewWolf for speed-running is sometimes criticized.
  • Apparently not supported - the most recent version, 0.73, was released March 2006 and no updates have been made to the site since then.
  • Not completable — all levels are playable, but nothing happens after killing the Bosses, and the game cannot be ended.
  • Unless the frame rate is low, the projectiles fired by Fake Hitlers travel much slower than they are intended to.  This issue was inherited from the original Wolfenstein 3D source code (reference).  More details are available here, under the heading "What's with the fast hitler fireballs?".
  • The final level of Spear of Destiny cannot be accessed without cheats.

Using NewWolfEdit

To use NewWolf, download it from the Web site. Extract the files from the .zip file, then place all files in your Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny directory (where your original executable file is). Run NewWolf instead of the original files.

The default keyboard layout uses ESDF, rather than WASD or arrow keys, for movement. DarkOne, and some other devoted gamers, insist that this layout is better, but the player can enable the desired layout in the Controls menu.

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