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Nightmares are bonus levels hidden in every chapter of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. They are a follow-up to the Nightmare! easter egg from Wolfenstein: The New Order and are replicas of all 10 levels from first episode of Wolfenstein 3D.


In Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Blazkowicz can sleep on 9 mattresses placed in various locations in the game. While sleeping he has dreams about his blurry memories from escaping Castle Wolfenstein and defeating Hans Grösse at the end. In Wolfenstein: The New Order he remembers less (there is only one nightmare level containing just the first level of Wolfenstein 3D).

It's unknown how much these memories are real and how much plot from original Wolfenstein 3D was utilized as a part of MachineGames Timeline.


To activate each nightmare level the player must click on the mattress more or less hidden in each chapter. The player starts with the same amount of health and armor that he had when he went to sleep. The Pistol is replaced with Handgun 1946, Machine Gun with Assault Rifle 1946-T and Chain Gun with MG-46. In place of Treasures are the Old silvers, which, when all collected in each level, will unlock a hidden character profile for the stage that it was found in.



Unlockable hidden character profiles[]

  • Nightmare dog
  • Nightmare guard
  • Nightmare rifle guard
  • Nightmare yellow guard
  • Nightmare grey guard
  • Nightmare blue guard
  • Nightmare red guard
  • Nightmare white guard
  • Hans Grösse


  • Some of the hidden character profiles unlockable by Nightmare levels show enemies that are never found in any version of Wolfenstein: 3D and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. While the first three show a Killer Dog, a Guard, and an SS and the last one is Hans Grösse, all five others are the Guard with different suit colors.