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The Nocturnal Missions (a dirty pun on "Nocturnal emissions") comprise Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6 of Wolfenstein 3D.


These were produced after the original first three episodes of Wolfenstein 3D, when Scott Miller, after learning the time it took to make one level (a single day), convinced the id team to produce another trilogy. Tom Hall considered the possible plot options and hit on the idea of Giftkrieg or chemical warfare. This led to producing the Nocturnal Missions.[1]

The Nocturnal Missions were initially originally sold separately from the original three episodes (or together at a discount), but all new releases of Wolfenstein 3D sold ever since include all six episodes. The HTML version of the game on the Wolfenstein website, however only includes the first three episodes.


The Nocturnal Missions are a prequel series to the original three missions, leaving Episode Three with apparently the most recent subplot of all the Wolfenstein 3D era games. Hitler's men have developed chemical weapons and he plans to use them against the Allies to win the war.

Episode Four[]

In Episode Four, B.J. Blazkowicz must defeat Otto Giftmacher, the scientist responsible for creating the chemical weapons.

Episode Five[]

In Episode Five, he seeks the plans for the Giftkrieg (chemical war), defeating Gretel Grösse, the large-figured guardian of the plans (and sister of Hans Grösse).

Episode Six[]

In Episode Six, BJ must find and kill General Fettgesicht, "General Fatface", who is the mastermind behind the chemical attack.


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