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"Remarkable. Absolutely remarkable. Advanced weapons, biological engineering, robotics, and the occult. It all fits! Into what exactly, I'm not sure. But it all fits."
―OSA Director[src]

The OSA Director is the head of the Office of Secret Actions - a military sabotage and espionage unit tasked with carrying out clandestine operations against the Nazi war effort and collaborating with allied resistance groups. B.J. Blazkowicz reports to him by sending letters after every mission is a success.


This Englishman is a capable leader who will put nothing past the Germans. He will not dismiss a report out of hand just because it may seem outlandish. In his eyes, the truth must be uncovered, no matter how strange the evidence appears. He knows the price of failure all too well, and will follow every lead to make sure the Allies, especially his beloved Britain, keep the upper hand,

The OSA Director appears many times in the cutscenes of Return to Castle Wolfenstein with his assistant "Jack Stone[1]".

In the 2009 game Wolfenstein, he only makes a brief appearance in the opening cutscene along with Jack Straw.


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The director is voiced by the late Tony Jay in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In Wolfenstein, he is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes who has also voiced Wilhelm Strasse. This was due to Jay's passing in 2006.
  • The OSA director in Quake Champions/Machine Games universe is named Joseph D. Hassett.


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