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Occult Priests (German: okkulte Priester) are Lich encountered only in the Xbox version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, subtitled Tides of War. They wear cloaks and masks and attack by using dark magic.


The Occult Priest is the mysterious link in Himmler's chain of occult operatives assigned the task of reviving the dead. Heinrich's sinister powers have corrupted these once-human practitioners of the mystic arts. These undead priests are new additions to the Paranormal Division's occult operatives.

The similar enemy appeared in the sequel known as Scribe as they have the same magic of attacking the player except it is even more dangerous of protecting their soldier. The only difference is that they aren't undead.


  • They are best to face off from a distance. Use the Mauser to shoot off their masks for exposure of headshot or just use other weapon go for head-to-head and take them down if you save the ammo for the Rifle.