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Animated Officer
Animated Mac Officer.gif
HP 50
Points 400
Weapon Pistol (hitscan)
Shot Officer

The first Officer encounter, in E3M1.

Jag Officer

Post-Jaguar sprite.

Officers (German: Offiziere) are pistol-wielding enemies from Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. The key difference between an officer and a guard is speed; officers are the fastest armed enemy in the game and can also draw and fire their pistols much faster than regular guards. This makes them a force to be reckoned with.

While usually not a threat on his own, groups of Officers can be deadly if unprepared. With other enemies, Officers usually whittle down the player's HP so that SS or mutants can finish them with their powerful guns. (Thankfully, officers and mutants are not found together, save for Episode 6 Mission 10 and far more commonly in Spear of Destiny.)

Upon defeat, he will drop an ammo clip containing 4 bullets.

The officer has a slightly different sprite in mission packs.

Tactical analysis[]

Alone, an Officer shouldn't be a problem. It isn't too hard to defeat him even with only a Pistol, as their only real advantage is speed rather than toughness. Alternatively, the knife can stun a solitary Officer long enough so that he doesn't fire, allowing you to repeatedly deliver follow up stabs and save your ammo. (Doesn't always work!)

A small group (1-3) of Officers can be mowed down with a Machine Gun without too much trouble.

Larger groups should be destroyed with a Chaingun, as the sheer amount of bullets it fires will easily shred the Officers and can take them out before one of them can hit you.

With other enemies, the Officer should be taken out first if there isn't a SS or Mutant. His quick attacks will make it difficult to kill the other enemies without taking some damage.

If there are SS or Mutants with Officers, try and lure the Officer towards or near your target so that he gets caught in the crossfire. If not, use the Machine Gun and alternate between the two targets if it's a small group of enemies. If you time it correctly and get lucky, you can stun your targets long enough so that they won't fire at you.


The poor quality of sound in the game makes it difficult to ascertain what is being said. Sources are given for what Id claims is the language, but this is sometimes open to criticism.

"Spy!"[1][2] File: "SPIONSND". Spoken on seeing the player.
"Nein, so was!"[1][2]
"Well, I never...!"[1][2] File: "NEINSOVASSND". Colloquial phrase, spoken on death.
Jaguar port.
"Forget it!"[3] Spoken on seeing the player, mission packs.
"Heil Hitler!"[3]
"Hail Hitler!"[3] Spoken on death, mission packs.

"Id Software apologizes to German speaking people everywhere."[1]


Hit points 50
Speed 512 (patrol),
Pain Yes
Score 400
Sprites & sounds
Sprite number 238-287
242-291 (SoD)
Alert sound SPIONSND
Ranged attack
Type Hitscan
Damage 1-64, 1-32 or 1-16


  • In Doom II: Hell on Earth both the Officer' voice clips are reused from Wolfenstein 3D.


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