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The appearance of Olaf Schaap in the PS2 Version. In the Xbox Version his look is different by fact that overall model for Africa Corps Officers in both consoles are not the same.
Bandicam 2018-08-02 18-55-00-267.jpg
Captain's look in Xbox Version.

Captain Olaf Schaap was a character mentioned in one of the Clipboards in Cursed Sands campaign for console ports of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

He was one of the Afrika Korps Officers stationed at Ras el-Hadid during the operation in Northern Egypt. Major Gerhard Wechsler wrote to him that that he hired several of the locals for assist the Nazis in patrol the village and to him and his men to still anyway keep a close eye on them.

He was killed by B.J. while he was reading the aforementioned paper.

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