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The One Up as it appears in post-Jaguar ports.

The One Up (also called 1-Up, Full Heal, Extra Life, or Extra Man) is an item in Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny that gives the player an extra life, 25 ammo, and maximizes their health. In both games, they are only found in secret areas.


One Ups are the easily the most useful item in the game. However, since they are so useful, they should only be used at low health and/or low ammo, otherwise the effect is wasted. The maximum number of lives in the game is 9, so the extra life will be forfeit if the player already have 9 lives.

The player should ensure that they get them before they finish the level, though, as they count toward the Treasure percentage. Failure to get all the One Ups will forfeit 10,000 points, even if all other treasure is obtained.


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