Kommandant Mannheimer talking to Irene Engel.

Orlando Mannheimer is a commander on the Ausmerzer tasked with the security on board. He is killed by B.J. during or after he was contacted by General Engel and is the first commander shown in The New Colossus. Despite his short appearance, he shows himself to be rather idiotic, not being able to understand that B.J. is a one man army and is killing his men without help as he feels that it is an unnecessary to send the entire troops of the Ausmerszer to combat B.J. He also thinks it is ridiculous that B.J. can tank all Nazis on board all by himself. This fact makes Engel extremely anger with him and calls him as an imbecile.

If he is killed while still talking to Frau Engel she can be heard demanding Mannheimer to answer her but shortly realizes he's been killed by Terror Billy, before turning her radio off, simply saying “Scheisse!” As she does so.

Conversation with General Engel[edit | edit source]

"Send in the troops!"
"Ah, General Engel! Please confirm the number of enemy platoons on board the Ausmerzer. What is their current status and weaponry?"
"It's one man."
"...Excuse me, General?"
"Are you deaf, Commandant Mannheimer?! It is one man! Terror-Billy, the idiot American!"
"But... I thought we had him in custody, General?"
"He got away.
"Oh... I see, General....Hhhhow?"
"What does it matter? He is a trained killer! I guarantee he has obtained firearms by now. Possibly grenades too, how should I know?"
"Affirmative, General. And how many men does Terror-Billy lead in his raid?"
"God in Heaven, are you stupid, man?! He's not leading anybody! He is by himself!"
"But one single man, General... surely our security..."
"You are the security, you fucking imbecile!

General Engel’s response to him being killed during their conversation

Commandant? Hello? Commandant Mannheimer? Do you read?! ...shit!"

―General Engel and Mannheimer's conversation if B.J. waits.[src]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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