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Otto Giftmacher
Animated Otto Giftmacher.gif
Animated Otto Giftmacher.gif
HP 850/950/1050/1200[1]
Points 5000
Weapon Rocket Launcher (projectile)

Otto Giftmacher (Otto "Poison Maker", also known as Dr. Otto Giftmacher, Dr. Otto "Poison Maker") is the boss of Episode 4 of Wolfenstein 3D and is the creator of the chemical weapons to be used in the Nazis' chemical attack against the Allies. Defeating him will put a stop to the production of chemical weapons. He uses a Rocket Launcher.

After being defeated, he will talk before falling to ground and triggering the ending.

Tactical analysis[]

Despite wielding a rocket launcher, Otto is quite easy to take down. Find an area to hide behind, then grab your Chaingun, get to where you can see him and open fire. When you hear a "bing!" sound, run to cover, as he just fired a rocket at you! Once you hear the rocket explode, go out and repeat the process. If he gets too close, move to another location.

If he gets too close to you, you might not have enough room to avoid his rockets or the splash damage from them, so make sure that you have enough distance between him and you before you start you attack. Don't worry about range; Otto is large enough that most of your bullets will hit him as long as you aim towards him, no matter the distance.

When finding a good location to hide at between rockets, make sure that the hiding spot doesn't have a wall near to your back, or the splash damage from the explosion may affect you even if the rocket misses.

concept art


"Eine kleine Amerikaner!"[2]
"A little American!"[2] File: "EINESND". Spoken on seeing the player.
"Good heavens!"[2] File: "DONNERSND". Spoken on death.

"Id Software apologizes to German speaking people everywhere."[3]


  • Otto Giftmacher is the only boss to have a rocket launcher, but not a hitscan weapon.


Hit points 850 (skill 1),
950 (skill 2),
1050 (skill 3),
1200 (skill 4)
Speed 1536
Pain No
Score 5000
Sprites & sounds
Sprite number 360-369
Alert sound EINESND
Death sound DONNERSND
Ranged attack
Type Projectile
Speed 2000
Sprite number 370-377,
382-384 (explosion),
378-381 (trail)


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