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Paderborn Bridge is a bridge that leads to Paderborn Village and is set centrally next to Castle Wolfenstein over Paderborn River. The structure is also a military checkpoint and beneath the road has a cable car station that is the only connection to the heavily guarded Castle.


The Bridge was built over hundred years before the events of The Old Blood and was turned into military checkpoint and fortified with Über Concrete. The cable car station beneath the bridge had became the new (and only) way to get to the Castle Wolfenstein replacing the old main entrance, which became a little harbour to transport things to Wolfenstein Prison.

During the events of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (16 March 1946) two agents sent by OSA, William "B.J." Blazkowicz and Richard "Agent One" Wesley disguised as Nazi Commanders passed the checkpoints on the bridge's road and in Cable Car station (where they met Rudi Jäger for first time), to travel to Castle Wolfenstein.

Later, in the same day, during B.J.'s escape from the castle, Horten Ho 229 units were flying over the bridge and to the structure were sent reinforcements to catch the escaping prisoner. During escape in the railway its power had been disabled for two times. At first, Blazkowicz restore power in the tower between the bridge and a castle, at second, under the attack of WESPE drones and Nazi soldiers the Cable Car, in which Blazkowicz was, had fallen of the cable into Paderborn River, where B.J. found entrance to cavern. After leaving caves he went through beneath of the Bridge and going through the station checkpoint he got into the Paderborn's Bridge road barricaded with trucks, where before getting to Paderborn Village he fought a group of soldiers, a Super Soldier and a Panzerhund.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Paderborn Bridge besides being The Old Blood version of Wulfburg's tram station from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, also can be a counterpart of Bramburg Dam from RtCW. Both are big grey concrete structures with the roads across a river to nearby Paderborn Village and B.J. at some point had to (for halfway sneaking beneath and then loudly fighting on them) get across them to get into the town. Also, both are seen from Wolfenstein Castle in both games.