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Paderborn Village is a Bavarian village next to Castle Wolfenstein that appears in Prologue and the Fourth Chapter of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. There Kessler has lived and worked for the Kreisau Circle for three years after moving from Berlin. The Village (considered by its name) is a reimagined version of original Paderborn Village from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but it also has some elements from Wulfburg from the same game.


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The Paderborn Village is set on the mountains of Bavarian Alps near German-annexed Austria, next to Castle Wolfenstein (in southeast of). Alongside the Village is a deep valley where Paderborn River flows and the Paderborn Bridge is. Beneath the Village is a far-reaching and mostly unexplored cave system formed by erosion. One of the caves is used by Kessler and is connected by underground water with forest and Wulfburg (which is in southeast of the Paderborn).


View to Castle Wolfenstein from the Village

The Village is implied to be around millennium old and been built before, at the same time, or after as its Castle Wolfenstein. Two of the letters from 10th century (from Kings Otto's times) refers to Paderborn (as a place where candles can be stocked up and where King Otto I will wait for the Konrad to reward him after destroying Wulfburg's catacombs) but it's unclear if those refers to the Village itself or to the area around[1] and its Castle Wolfenstein.

At 1846 in next to village the Paderborn Bridge was built, which in unknown time got a Cable Car station beneath it connected to Castle Wolfenstein, which later became the only entrance to the fortress.

In 1942 Ludwig Kessler moved into the Paderborn Village and became the owner of Village's Tavern. He was working there in conspiracy for Kreiasu Circle and the allied forces like OSA. He been using the secret cave beneath the tavern to smuggle contraband for the resistance. In 1945 he took care of young Jewish fugitive, Annette Krause.

The Old Blood[]

In 16 March 1946 Kessler was a contact for two OSA agents: William "B.J." Blazkowicz and Richard "Agent One" Wesley during they infiltration to Castle Wolfenstein to find Helga's folder. He told them by radio that the folder isn't in the Castle and he knows location of it. Later during B.J.'s escape from the Castle (Agent One had died) the alarm was raised and reinforcements were sent to kill him. When Blazkowicz came out of the Paderborn caverns and reached the Village via the Paderborn Bridge, a curfew had been announced due to the escape of a "very dangerous prisoner". Before he entered the Tavern he met Village Drunkard and then in the tavern itself Annette and Kessler. Shortly after, Nazis and Rudi Jäger, suited in power armor, attacked the building. Rudi was killed by B.J. and all three agents escaped through Kessler's secret cave by boat to Wulfburg.


  • There is a city named Paderborn in Real-life.However, the real Paderborn is located in North-Rhine Westphalia, rather than the bavarian Alps.


  1. It's not exactly clear if the names like Paderborn River or Paderborn Bridge are just based of the nearly Paderborn Village or those names and village itself are called after the name of the region in which they are that's presumed to be called Paderborn.

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