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""I love strawberry milkshakes!""
"Papa Joe's All American Diner. My kind of dive."
B.J. Blazkowicz upon seeing the diner.[src]

Papa Joe's All American Diner is diner owned by Super Spesh and his father as front base against Nazi regime.


The diner was originally built as the control base to uncover US government cover-ups by Super Spesh's father, but it was changed to an American Resistance outpost to fight against the Nazis after World War II.

The front of the diner

Super Spesh and his dad built a secret tunnel in their basement that connects to the the railway that leads to the underground bases of Areas 52, 51, 56 and 48 during their conspiracy investigation. After Nazi occupation in the United States, the tunnel is used by BJ to infiltrate Area 52 to destroy the underground Nazi base and kill the Oberkommando in charge and deny them the anti-gravity technology stolen from the Da'at Yichud.

The diner is opened 24 hours and serves American cuisines such as Fried chips, Burgers and Milkshakes. It is also has a robot to support of cleaning and moving objects around the diner. It was hinted that the owner did have a human staff before the Nazi allegedly take the staff into custody for "background checking".

It is unknown what happens to the diner after the US is liberated. It is assumed that Grace either takes ownership or selling it to other business people. Judging her current job as FBI director, she mostly likely sells the diner.