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Pipe used by BJ

The Pipe is a melee weapon in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and it returns in Wolfenstein: Youngblood as the Old Blood Pipe.


After being kicked into a prison cell by Rudi Jager, B.J attempted to get out of his cell by climbing on a pipe. However, this pipe broke as he attempted to climb it, and fell besides him on the prison floor. B.J realized he could use the pipe to scale walls, open locked doors/hatches, disable super soldiers, and kill enemies.

General Use[]

The Pipe is stronger than the knife since it can deal significant damage in direct combat. The Pipe is also the only melee weapon that can kill Shamblers, as the Knife cannot kill Shamblers. 


The Pipe can be used in two ways: the first is for longer range and for heavier hits. The second involves unscrewing the pipe in two and using it for lighter, faster damage. The pipe can also be used to scale walls when unscrewed in two and can also be used to pry open doors.


The Old Blood[]



  • The weapon is made up of two pipes which can be connected or disconnected. One pipe has a tapered sharp end, and is usable as a knife type weapon. The other pipe has a curved “hook” allowing its use as a grappling tool.