"Bloody hell. Where's your shirt, you handsome sod?"
―Pippa to B.J. in Wulfburg.[src]

Lieutenant Pippa Shepherd, also known as Agent Two, and Nurse Inga in Germany, is an OSA agent in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

History[edit | edit source]

Pippa Shepherd was born into a family of six children. Her mother was a German immigrant living in London's East End. Pippa's fervent anti-Nazism and excellent grasp of the German language made her the perfect recruit for the O.S.A. She quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant, and was subsequently stationed in Wulfburg, Germany, working undercover as a nurse.

Pippa was close friends with O.S.A. agents B.J. Blazkowicz and Richard Wesley, recalling the latter for spilling beer over her breasts during the London HQ Party. It's hinted in Wesley's letter (apologizing for wasting beer in London) that he had an interest in her, telling he can make up this incident over dinner.

During World War II, Agent Two would be transferred to Wulfburg under the assumed identity of Nurse Inga, and by the time of the Old Blood, had been there for about six months. On March 11, in her note, she writes of the Nazis at the dig sites, and also wonders why civilians don't speak of it. [1]

The Old Blood[edit | edit source]

"Not today arseface!"
―Pippa before her death.[src]

Agent Two appears in the Old Blood as Wesley's (Agent One's) replacement after his death in Castle Wolfenstein. B.J, Ludwig Kessler. and Annette Krause make it to Wulfburg to meet with Pippa to get the folder from Helga's room. B.J. makes it to Pippa's location and the two discuss the loss of Wesley, Pippa then tells B.J. that he will have to disguise himself as a waiter to get to Helga. She tells B.J to puts his weapons in a chest and grab the shirt to blend in. Afterward, Pippa made a distress call to Fergus Reid after the Nazis caused an explosion that created the shamblers.

B.J. arrives at the safehouse, where he sees Pippa managing to protect herself from a Shambler. However, the dead Nazi in the bed reanimates into a Shambler, and proceeds to get up. B.J. warns her, but it is too late, as the Shambler attacks Pippa, killing her and dropping her onto the bed. B.J. kills the shambler, then collects his weapons from the chest, but Pippa reanimates into a Shambler herself and B.J. has no choice but to end her misery.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

"You deserved a better fate than this, Pippa."
―B.J. after killing Shambler Pippa.[src]

Blazkowicz mourns the lost of his friend, but has to continue the mission and reach Kessler and Annette. He avenges her death and completes his mission, killing King Otto's monster, which also injured Helga von Schabbs which lead to her demise.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Open the gate to the side of the building. There's a key underneath a large rock. Use the basement window."
―Pippa's first words to B.J. in The Old Blood.[src]
"It's nurse Inga now."
―Pippa to B.J. after he calls her Agent Two.[src]
"Rest your feet for a moment. Have some tea and biscuits."
"So this is where they transferred you?"
"Yeah. Six months now."
"Haven't seen you since the London HQ party."
"Oh, that was a riot. Wesley spilled beer all over my bristols. Clumsy twit."
"I tried to save him, Pippa."
"I know you did, love. I'm sorry. This is not the time for maudlin stories.
―Pippa and B.J.'s conversation.[src]
"Listen, I know what you're after, Blazko. The man in the bed over there is one of Helga's Nazi flunkies. Before he took a little nap, I loosened his tongue. The folder you're searching for is located in Helga's room at the Wulfberg tavern. Now, apparently, she's quite the wine connoisseur. Pose as a waiter and maybe you can get close to her. But for God's sake, put some bloody clothes on first. There's a shirt in the chest over there. Do leave your guns. The tavern staff don't carry firearms. I'll keep them safe for you."
―Pippa to B.J. on her plan.[src]
"Fucking Nazis. And people just follow these berks like brainless ghouls. Maybe they deserve nothing better. These hinges are rusted. Come help me with this, Blazko. The tunnel is a nine-point-four meters swim to the well in the tavern's backyard. Return to me once you've obtained Helga's folder. And don't you fucking drown on me now, you adorable tosspot."
―Pippa to B.J.[src]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is the first ally (and first character in the Old Blood) to turn into an Shambler.
  • It is implied prior to the events of the game that B.J. and Wesley were friends with Agent Two.
  • She and Fergus Reid are the only ones to call B.J. "Blazko".

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