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The President is the leader of the United States.

The 32nd president of the United States who presided for most of historical World War II was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Though he was replaced with Harry S. Truman late in the war, when his health failed, and he died in office shortly into his fourth term.

FDR appears in the endings of Spear of Destiny (which is reused for the two mission packs as well), and in the SNES/Jaguar versions of the Original Encounter (prequel campaign).

FDR also appears on a board in the OSA headquarters in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

It is said that following the war William Blazkowicz was honored by the President, given a Medal of Honor, and then married a movie star; but he has previously met the president after recovering the Spear of Destiny, during briefings for the Original Encounter, and has letters sent to him from the President.


In the SNES version the President is the leader of the Republic.


The President is mentioned in The New Order and The New Colossus. President (MachineGames).

It is never clear concerning the identity of the president. The first game is actually not clear what happened to the US presidency, or its leadership. There are a few sources of information that even discuss it.

A newspaper mentions that the President who America to the Germans in December 1948. In the New Colossus there are further newspapers discussing The President, and that he complied with the Nazis every step of the way, even went along with the abolishment of the entire government, and abolition of the office, and the Supreme Court.

There is J, mentioning that the "The Man" (his name for the US government), "ran scared...mother-fuckin gave up...Nazi asked the Man to get down on his knees, and the Man was all too happy to pucker up, and start kissing Nazi ass, like it was the most natural thing in the world". That the Man started throwing its 'degenerates'/'undesirables' into the gas chambers, just like the Germans.

The other bit of information is in a newspaper:

America Surrenders
Washington, December 24, 1948 - Speaking to the
American people in the falling snow on Christmas Eve,
the President of the United States declared the
government's total surrender to the German Army. The
announcement comes just days after the atomic bomb
was dropped on New York. "This final act of violence
may have saved millions of lives that would have
resulted from a land invasion of America," said the
German leader in a press statement following the
announcement. "I applaud the President's speech, a
spectacular show was put on by the invading troops
parading down the streets of Washington to the roaring
sound of German jet fighters passing overhead. Even
more spectacular were the massive mechanical beasts
known as "Panzerhunden", or "armored dogs", hulking
over the crowds.