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Professor Quarkblitz
Animated Quarkblitz.gif
HP 950/1050/1150/1300[1]
Points 5000
Weapon Chaingun
Rocket Launcher

Professor Quarkblitz is the second boss of the mission packs of Spear of Destiny. Killing him will stop the further usage of specially bred bat units and ensure that his Robot doesn't go past the prototype stage. However, he is armed with a rocket launcher and a chaingun, so don't expect him to go down easily.


Defeating Quarkblitz relies upon using cover. As soon as he sees you, hide behind cover and occasionally pop out to fire some shots from your chaingun. It takes him a second to stop and fire his guns, so you'll have a nice window of opportunity to get a few shots in. After you retreat, wait a second so that the fired rocket can hit the wall, then repeat the process until he dies.

If Quarkblitz gets too close to your hiding spot, you usually don't have to worry; the primitive AI will back up and give you some room to fire. However, if Quarkblitz actually reaches you, run to the opposite side while firing at him. Once you get to the other side, see if he tries to follow you. If he does, repeat the process. If not, begin attacking as stated earlier.

If you need to grab supplies at an area Quarkblitz is at, be quick! If you're too slow, you'll likely get hit by a rocket, depending on how far away he is from you.


The poor quality of sound in the game makes it difficult to ascertain what is being said. Sources are given for what Formgen claims is the language, but this is sometimes open to criticism.

"Dein letzter Fehler!"[2]
"Your last mistake!"[2] File: "PROFESSORSIGHTSND". Spoken on seeing the player.
"Nein, nicht schon wieder!"[2]
"No, not again!"[2] File: "PROFESSORDEATHSND". Spoken on death.


  • His death speech "No, not again!" makes little sense as it implies Quarkblitz has died before. This could be hinting that the Quarkblitz BJ kills is a clone or, perhaps, he was raised from the dead somehow much like Schabbs' mutants.
  • Professor Quarkblitz is one of only two chaingun wielding enemies where the muzzle flash is properly displayed as coming from the barrels of the gun rather than the center axis. The other is The Robot.


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