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BJ aims at the railway turret.

Railway Turret is a turret mounted in rail vehicle train driven by Nazi soldiers to protect and patrol the network of rocket train railway throughout Area 52, 56 and others Areas.

BJ encounters the railway turret during his mission to nuke Area 52 while in the rocket train. The Railway Turret is seen to be easy to dispose of since BJ just need to shoot the Nazi that control the rail vehicle to stop the turret from firing at him.


The Railway Turret only appears if BJ is being detected during his infiltration in the rocket train. The turret is quite easy to dispose of since few shots from any gun can kill the driver in order to stop the turret. That being said, they can damage or kill the player if they aren't careful or don't dispose it quickly.


The Railway Turret only appears in the train section of Area 52 if the player have set off the alarm or cause enemies to go on alert. If the player have maintained stealth but caused enemies to go on alert (e.g. causing noise), they can attack the player and set off a chain of mayhem.


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