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"Hey, Blazkowicz. Überkommandant Raimund Hofmann is in the subway underneath 5th Avenue. His mission is to deploy a new Zitadelle robot. Be careful. Grace out."
―Grace to B.J. on Hofmann.[src]

Brigadeführer Raimund Hofmann was a Überkommandant in the Nazi Party, and was one of the longest serving Übercommander, and a target in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Before 1961[]

He'd been the officer who planned, and succeed in the attack of the fortification of "Diffa Hill" in 1946.As well as being the commander of the German forces that landed on the coast of Florida, when America surrendered. In 1957, during the Nazi operation Black woods, he succeed in capturing several key documents, that were critical to the American resistance.


"You done good, Blazkowicz. See you back home. Grace out."
―Grace to B.J. upon the latter assassinating Hofmann.[src]

He was tasked with deploying new Zitadelle robot guard in the Manhattan area after the original being destroyed by B.J. earlier, after a long service this task was to be his last. His mission was also to salvage what he can from the remains of the scraps of the original. In order to ensure that the Zitadelle did not suffer any attacks from any rebelling residence. As the machine needed to be ready for the terrain, and the area. Not wanting to be interrupted, Hoffmann had the area quarantined, and was closely guarded, by his Atom Elites bodyguards, Super Soldiers, drones, as well a Atom Kampfhunds to protect him, along with a commander. His attempt failed as B.J. kills him and destroys the newly deployed Zitadelle. Resulting in no more new Zitadelles being deployed in the area. This caused the Nazis to lose one of the commanders in the German high command in America, as well as reduced their security apparatus in New York.