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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War is the Xbox port of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

New content[]

Prologue: Cursed Sands[]

Main article: Cursed Sands

Parts: Ras el-Hadid, Inner City, Headquarters, Ancient Ruins, Ritual Chamber, Burial Tombs, Eye of Anubis.

This mission shows what B.J. and Agent One did prior to their capture. While fighting Erwin Rommel's forces in North Africa, B.J. suddenly finds himself assigned to a secret mission in the town of Ras el-Hadid in Egypt. Accompanied by Agent One, he makes his way through the town and infiltrates a secret archaeological dig site where Helga Von Bulow and her SS Paranormal Division are attempting to acquire a pair of ancient magical tablets from a cursed tomb. After fighting his way through both Nazis and Undead, B.J. makes it through the tomb but ultimately fails to capture Helga. He and Agent One pursue her in a stolen Ju-52 transport, only to be shot down by the Luftwaffe near Castle Wolfenstein, where they are captured.

Original Wolfenstein 3D[]

Tides of War comes with Wolfenstein 3D included as a bonus mode.

New enemies[]

New weapons[]

  • Shotgun - a pump-action shotgun that fires shell cartridges.

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