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The Riot Guard (German: Aufruhrschutz) is a type of Nazi soldier that appears in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Whicher was part of the Nazi Germany's Ordnungspolizei. Located in prisons and forced labor camps, they guard the slaves and captured prisoners that they interrogate and beat for their enjoyment.


Prison Guard[]

Prison guard melee

Prison guards are employed based on how they score on a personality test. Sadistic tendencies and impaired empathic capacities are usually favored to fit in with the working environment of Germania's correctional facilities. Prison guards are equipped with batons or assault rifles and are quite capable in both melee and ranged combat. Strangely, their batons can be picked up and used as armor

Riot Guard[]

Prison riots are rare occurrences in Germania's correctional facilities. When they do happen, special Riot guard units are deployed to deal with the situation. Riot guards are equipped with gas masks and assault rifles and fitted with thick body armor. They will use whatever means necessary, according to the FTA (the Fair Treatment Act), to put a stop to the riot. This includes the deployment of canine units consisting of Kampfhunde.


Like the standard Soldier, The Riot Guards can be a real threat if you don't know what you're doing especially on the highest difficulties.

Advantages against you[]

  • Like regular soldiers, Prison Guards and Riot Guards always come in teams.
  • Also like regular soldiers, Prison Guards and Riot Guards can soften you up for other units.
  • Riot Guards wear heavy armor and can survive about twice as much damage as regular soldiers, similar to Black Guards.

Disadvantages against you[]

  • Melee-type guards have one strategy; meander toward you slowly and clobber you with a police baton when they eventually reach you. This makes them vulnerable to take downs.
  • If you obtain the Laser Cutter's beam upgrade (Find the second battery in the boiler room on the catwalks), melee-type guards are virtually a joke on lower difficulties, as they essentially walk to their doom.

Riot Police[]

More formally known as Kasernierte Polizei (Barracked Police). As their informal name suggests, they are mostly deployed to deal with riots & civil insurrection in major metropolitan areas and to otherwise back up regular uniformed or other police/security forces in public safety matters. Part of the State protection police (Schutzpolizei des Reiches), they have been known to use both regular police cars and armoured vehicles, along with helicopters. They are one of the few enemies not to have their own specific character profile. Fortunately mostly encountered by the player at a distance or in cutscenes.