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Animated Robot.gif
Animated Robot.gif
HP 1250/1350/1450/1600[1]
Points 5000
Weapon Dual Chainguns
Dual Rocket Launchers

The Robot is a boss enemy encountered in both mission packs for Spear of Destiny. It is the guardian of said Spear and is a prototype weapon designed by Professor Quarkblitz. Armed with two Chainguns and rocket launchers, the Robot is easily the most difficult boss in the mission packs. After it is defeated, it explodes.


Before waking up the Robot, ensure that as many enemies as possible are dead. Trying to focus on the Robot and wandering enemies is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Also, make sure that you are completely stocked up before waking it up as well.

Unlike the fight against The Axe, there are less enemies in this level, they are dispersed all over the place and most of them are placed on ambush tiles, so be careful when facing the robot while thinking that you have killed all the guards because there might be a couple of them that you have missed waiting to ambush you when you get on their sight.

To take out the Robot, circle strafe around it at medium distance while running and firing with your Chain Gun for a few seconds, then retreat and repeat the process. While you'll still get damaged by its Chain Guns, its rockets will miss you. Being at medium range will reduce the amount of damage its Chain Guns do so that you can perform more strafing runs before having to heal. However, this will also lower the amount of damage your Chain Gun does as well, so you'll have to resupply on ammo at least once before you destroy it.

While getting supplies, be aware that the Robot will try to follow you, so don't try and backtrack when you've gotten your supplies.


The Robot is based upon the common Tank Robot featured as an enemy in Commander Keen: Episode 1, a previous work of ID.


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