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This page is about the weapon from ports of Wolfenstein 3D. For other uses, see Rocket launcher (disambiguation).

The Rocket Launcher (also known as Missile Launcher or Bazooka) is a usable weapon in the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D, and derived ports. (Also used by Otto Giftmacher and General Fettgesicht in the Nocturnal Missions) It doesn't cause splash damage on enemies nor the player. Rockets pass through enemies that can be killed with a single shot, although enemies' rockets still explode when they hit the player and the player's will explode when they hit a boss. It usually kills enemies with a single shot, but rarely a SS soldier or mutant will survive it. It takes around seven rockets to kill Hans Grösse.

Rocket Crates contain eight rockets in the Jaguar port and five in the Mac/3DO ports, but the sprite still displays nine.


Due to the scarcity of its ammo, the Rocket Launcher should be conserved for large groups of powerful enemies and bosses. Otherwise, you're wasting it.

If you use it on a group of enemies, try to line them up beforehand. This will take out more enemies per shot and conserve rockets.