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Rocket Troopers (German: Raketensoldaten) are special enemies in Wolfenstein. They are equipped with jetpacks and carry two multi-barrel repeating rocket launchers.


Rocket Troopers are Nazi special units first seen in the Castle mission and appears very rarely throughout the latter part of the game, specially at the Downtown section of Isenstadt. They use a four-barrel rocket launcher on each arm and a jetpack developed in General Zetta's base at the Cannery. They're one of the most dangerous enemies especially if one is playing on the highest difficulty.


  • Rocket Troopers are quite a nuisance as they will generally try to circle in a medium distance from the player. They will often perform a short backflip before firing, and attack by firing four rockets at once in a straight line which circles each other; they will usually fire several times in a row. Their rockets deal large amounts of damage, and they are best attacked from an area where the player has some cover to return fire.
  • Their maneuverability can be a problem; use Mire to buy you more time.
  • They have 50 health points, and it is thus a good idea to use Empower when facing them. The most effective weapons against them are the MP 43 and Particle cannon, the latter especially when it has the Flux Arc upgrade as it need only be pointed in their general direction, Tesla Gun is only recommended if they are getting too close. The Panzerschreck can be very useful if the player has the Seeker Crystal upgrade, though this is not practical for most of the campaign as the player must complete Airfield to unlock it, by which time there are hardly any Rocket Troopers left to use it on except when destroying the engine of the airship itself. An upgraded Leichenfaust 44 is also a preferred option since its projectiles dissolve targets close to trajectories, not necessarily need a direct impact. However, it is a poor choice to use it against them since they move very fast.
  • Rocket Troopers are vulnerable to continuous fire from the Particle Cannon, which will drain their health quickly. The Particle Lens upgrade is recommended since the Rocket Troopers tend to spawn fairly far from the player. Flux Arc is also recommended since the Rocket Troopers never stay in one place for too long.


They are first encountered during the Castle mission and appear in almost every level after that, usually in groups of 2-3. Despite that, their equipment first appeared in the Cannery.


Rocket Troopers are equipped with a jetpack and two four-barrel rocket launchers. They explode when they die, and do not drop any kind of ammunition.



  • The jetpacks seen in Cannery bear a striking reference to the one seen in the movie, The Rocketeer.