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"No, no Mein Führer. I'm, I'm from Arizona."
―Ronald Reagan's last words.[src]

Ronald Reagan was an American actor that appears in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Reagan was an American TV actor from Arizona. When he was younger he was used to broadcast. He was considered for the role of B.J. Blazkowicz in Das Ende Alles Bösen after the casting director saw him on a mystery show. The director thought that he had the right face for the role.

The New Colossus[]

Hitler killing Ronald Reagan.

In 1961, Reagan was in an audition for the William Joseph Blazkowicz role on Venus. When the movie producer came to the office, Reagan was having a conversation with another actor, Llewellyn Ewing. When Hitler was interrogating the actors to determine if any of them were spies, he asked all actors if they read his book. Reagan said "I loved it, Mister Hitler. Super good." This made Hitler furious because he addressed him as "Mr. Hitler" instead of referring to him by his title "Mein Führer." Adolf thought that he lacked respect for authority and suspected that he was a Jewish spy. Reagan tried to deny these accusations, saying "I'm from Arizona." Hitler made a confused face and killed him with a Handgun 1946, shooting his corpse until the magazine was empty. Reagan's corpse was dropped into a bin alongside Llewellyn and Johnny near the Venus Atmospheric Suit station where Blazkowicz went to steal the ODIN codes.


  • This character is most likely based on the real life US president of the same name, who was also an actor. However, real life Reagan was from Illinois, not from Arizona. Furthermore, the real Reagan was born in 1911, and Wolfenstein's Reagan looks considerably younger than 49-to-50 years old.