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SS Soldiers (German: SS-Soldaten) and officers are the third and last type of soldier in Wolfenstein, present during the middle until the end of the game, first appeared during the first mission "Dig Site" (In Higher Difficulties). They are mostly faced as guards in the SS Paranormal Division's secret operations.


They are easily identified from their distinctive black uniforms. They deal much more damage than the standard Wehrmacht soldiers and officers. They carry MP 43 like their real-life counterpart in 1943, who used the first MP 43s (first version of the StG 44-MP 44) distributed in September 1943.


  • The SS soldiers and officers are more aggressive and slightly tougher than their Wehrmacht counterparts, with 20 health points and wielding more firepower by using the MP 43, while Wehrmacht soldiers are mostly equipped with a MP 40 or Kar98. Like their weaker counterparts, they are often encountered in numbers, and will use that to their advantage. They will stick to machine gun nests, and when B.J. kills the one manning it, another will move in his place.
  • Also, it is much better to kill them with the Particle Cannon while you see Elite Guard is amongst them, due to the fact that an Elite Guard could resurrect their corpses, turning them into Despoileds.


They are first found at the fourth mission Farm. However, they can be found as earlier in the game specially from the Dig Site, after that they are scattered in almost every mission. Later in the game, you'll find them roaming Isenstadt, in squads or alone, and sometimes engaged in firefights with the Kreisau Circle.



  • All soldiers speak English, though there are times where they speak English sentences with some German words.
  • When officers dying, they sometimes say "Agrh! Mein Leben!" what refers on same sentence from Wolfenstein 3D , where the same sentence is uttered by SS when they die.
  • In reality, the black SS uniform utilise by the Allgemeine SS were not worn on combat by the Waffen-SS, they worn M36 field uniform, sometimes with Zeltbahn on top. which nor did it have a Reichsadler (Reich eagle) on their breast like Wehrmacht have, the SS had their own Reichsadler (the design were different from the Wehrmachts one) on their upper arms. Also the SS don’t have Siegrune on both of their collar tabs, while the right tab were the siegrune, the left tab should present their rank until they reach the rank of Standartenführer, from that point on both collar tabs would be oak leafs. Generally the uniforms in Wolfenstein are not historically accurate.
  • All SS infantrymen are clean-shaven and have higher-pitched voices than the Wehrmacht soldiers.
  • In cutscenes, SS soldiers never have helmets, always have MP40s, and are not clean-shaven.

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  • The entity name for the SS soldiers is enemies_SS_officer (for the Officers) and enemies_SS_sentry (for the normal soldiers). They spawn with MP43 rifles from the get go.