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Sabine Vogel is a famous American actress who plays in various roles in Nazi cinema. Originally a low-pay actress in the Boardwalk area of Chicago, she rose to fame after the Nazis occupied the US since according to a Nazi film director, she has a very Aryan face to play in Nazi movies.

She plays a prominent role in the Nazis' live action propaganda show "Blitzmensch" as Fraulein Fox, an ally to Blitzmensch.

After the event of New Colossus, her career was ruined and she was forced to retire since her producers had ran for their lives as the American Resistance targeted them. She stood up for her producers, after missing her previous life under them. Sabine became a radical terrorist and fought against the resistance. It is very well known that she was executed due to her actions and then depicted in liberation US movies and media to set an example.


  • Sabine Vogel is a reference to Julie Newmar (famous for her role as Catwoman from the 1960's Batman TV series).