"A heavy and very powerful double barreled semi-automatic combat shotgun. The weapon fires from alternating barrels for increased rate of fire."
―Weapon description[src]

The Schockhammer(lit: "Shock Hammer") is a Nazi combat shotgun available in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


The Schockhammer is acquired partway into the Keep mission and is a very powerful weapon, capable of dropping most enemies with a single shot to the torso. By firing out of alternating barrels it is capable of ridiculous fire rates for a shotgun if the trigger is spammed, though accuracy will suffer as a result. It has a 10-round magazine by default and sizable ammo pool, and due to its ammunition pickups being relatively common as the game goes on, can be abused to great effect. The Schockhammer can be dual-wielded.

Compared to its other brethren, the Schockhammer trades firepower for its larger magazines and damage-per-second potential and has the additional benefit of using a vastly more common ammunition type.


Perk Upgrades:Edit

  • Schockhammer Clip +: Increases the Schockhammer's magazine size by 6.
  • Reload Mash: Allows the player to speed up the Schockhammer's reload by mashing the reload button.


  • Engraved on its side is the name of its manufacturer, Thalberg-Werker.
  • Despite its ammo pickups being called slugs, the Schockhammer actually fires shotshells as can be seen when shooting at a wall.
  • Due to similarities in design and operation, the Schockhammer is probably the predecessor to the automatic variant used in Wolfenstein: The New Order.
    • Interestingly, in the Characters section of the Heavy Soldier, the unit is seen equipped with the Automatic Shotgun rather than the Schockhammer.
  • Despite being the inventor of the Schockhammer, the Nazi Germany military were one of the most fervent opponents of scattergun weaponry in reality due to the grievous wounds they cause, deeming them "inhumane" and "cruel" among other things. Following their experiences with the American soldiers using the Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun in World War I, the German government have actually tried to have the shotgun banned as a weapon of war.
  • If viewed closely while firing/acquiring for the first time, the player can see that the gun operates with three "toggle-lock" type actions. This operation is similar to the handgun 1946.





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