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Wolfenstein 3D: Second Encounter is a 30 level campaign Macintosh version of Wolfenstein 3D, published in 1994 and distributed by MacPlay. It contains an assortment of modified levels from the original 60 MS-DOS Wolfenstein 3D levels. It is part of the Mac Family line of Wolfenstein 3D ports.

This game is based on the SNES port of the game, containing the same levels (the Japanese version of this SNES port is called Wolfenstein 3D: The Claw of Eisenfaust). Second Encounter was used as the base for the Jaguar port of the game, which also contain the same levels. The SNES and Jaguar ports add a more detailed story to connect the levels, which is mostly not present in Second Encounter.

The 3DO and Apple IIGS ports of the game contains the levels from both the Second and Third Encounters, using the name "Original Encounter" to refer to the Second Encounter levels.

See the Original Encounter article for more details on the levels and story.

Behind the scenes[]

Second Encounter was only available as mail-order from MacPlay, for $14.95 plus $2 for shipping and handling[1]. First Encounter, which contains the first 3 levels of Second Encounter, acts as its shareware free episode. Storywise, Second Encounter is a follow-up from First Encounter, which was an escape from Wolfenstein and B.J.'s first encounter with Hans Grösse.

Second Encounter is followed by Third Encounter which is a more direct port of the events and 60 levels from the original Wolfenstein 3D. Both of them were published together in a retail box in 1995 as Wolfenstein 3D (sometimes known as the "Commercial Version"). The 3DO and Apple IIGS ports are based on this version.