The Secret Scandinavian Base (or SS Base) is the setting of Mission 2: Return to Danger, the first of the mission packs of Spear of Destiny.

The Spear of Destiny has been taken from the United States by The Axe and stored in this base. The base is said to be impregnable, "excavated from solid rock in a Scandinavian fjord" and accessible only by submarine.[1][2]


  • Submarine Pen: The lowest section of the base is built below sea level and is thus a cold and damp place. The walls in this area are mostly bare rock or metal plates. Some of the areas appear to be in a state of disrepair and some doors have been blocked off permanently. The exit is guarded by Submarine Willy.
  • Secret Weapons Research: This section of the base features natural caverns as well as scientific areas where Nazi weapons research takes place. This area features numerous narrow claustrophobic passages. The exit is guarded by Professor Quarkblitz.
  • Atomic Research: The largest section of the base is also the place where the Nazis are working on the construction of an atomic bomb. The style is distinctively scientific, with various equipment visible on the walls and throughout the rooms. Most of the rooms are large and bright. The exit is guarded by The Axe himself.
  • The Command Bunker: The smallest yet most heavily guarded section of the base, which serves as its command center. This is where the Spear of Destiny is kept, guarded by the Robot.
  • The Final Retreat: This is the eerie otherworldly lair of the Devil Incarnate, accessed after obtaining the Spear. The only way out of this place is the death of its dark master.


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