Sergei Kovlov offers the first Nachtsonne Crystal to B.J. after he refuses to give up the Medallion.

Sergei Kovlov (Russian: Сергей Ковлов) is a member of the Golden Dawn group in Wolfenstein.


Sergei is a young Russian man who knows a great deal about the Thule race and their language and technology, as well as being versed in the workings of the Veil and the Black Sun Dimension. He attempted to infiltrate the Dig Site in order to prevent the Nazis from recovering the second Thule Medallion, but was captured.


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Sergei is first encountered at the start of the mission Dig Site. B.J. Blazkowicz finds him in a tent with a Nazi, who he subdues. He immediately recognises B.J. and states he knows about the American's mission, admitting that under torture from a Scribe he has told the Nazis the location of the second Thule Medallion hidden in the ruins.

After B.J. makes it to the chamber containing the Medallion and recovers it, Sergei joins him; B.J., not knowing enough about the Golden Dawn to trust them, refuses to hand over the Medallion, probably suspecting him of being a Nazi or Soviet spy. Sergei relents and gives him a Nachtsonne Crystal to power it up, instructing B.J. in the basic operation of the device and the basics of the Veil, including the existence of Veil Energy Pools and Geists. He tells B.J. that another crystal is hidden ahead, and urges him to recover it before the Nazis do.

On returning to the Golden Dawn Safehouse in the Midtown East sector of Isenstadt, Sergei can be found translating Thule Manuscripts in a corner. He is later seen doing the same thing in the Safehouse in Downtown, but he has no further role in the plot. After the town is liberated, he and the Golden Dawn have vanished.


  • Sergei is voiced by Boris Kievsky, who also voiced Dimitri Petrenko in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • If the player talks to Leonid Alexandrov a few times on a visit to the Golden Dawn Safehouse and then to Sergei, he will usually apologise for his leader's rude manner.
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