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Fully upgraded Shield

Shield is a Veil Power in Wolfenstein.


Shield generates a bubble-shaped energy field which surrounds BJ and protects from most projectile attacks and all normal gunfire. The shield is somewhat larger than BJ, and attacks which originate from inside it (enemies firing at close range, grenades exploding at close range, and all melee attacks) will deal normal damage, so its not 100% safe, and the shield also not save you from falling damage. The upgrade Reflective Crystal gives the Shield a random chance of redirecting hitscan attacks (those from bullet-firing weapons) back at the firer, while the upgrade Reactive Crystal will instantly kill most normal enemies touched by the Shield bubble, though it deducts energy for every enemy killed in this way, those who killed by the Reflective will became ashes in no time.


Shield is valuable in any situation where the player is facing overwhelming firepower; it is particularly useful when faced with an MG 42 nest, a lot of enemies or trying to locate a Sniper. Sometimes shield is needed to pass hazards, but not all hazards are passable by using the shield.


There are only 2 upgrades for the Shield power. They are:

  • Reflective Crystal. Unlock: complete Farm. Costs: $1,000. Gives the shield a random chance of reflecting a hitscan attack back at the enemy who fired it.
  • Reactive Crystal. Unlock: complete Castle. Costs: $3,000. The shield will disintegrate low- and mid-level enemies who touch it. Each enemy destroyed will deduct a fixed amount of Veil Energy.

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